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Patseer 360 is a great analytics platform to translate data into business insights, which enables informed decision making.
Mr. Manmohan Singh , Frost and Sullivan
PatSeer 360, a much-awaited tool for decision makers, digests numerous complex pieces of information and shows the right connections between various IP data points. Very much appreciative of the way it has eased our way of navigating through the sea of information.
Mr. Abhishek Choudhury, Nanobiz LLC
Being IPR experts, we are required to analyse the legal, commercial and technical parameters of patents and portfolios with respective weighted averages for business and R&D decision making. I found PatSeer 360 as a one stop solution in this regard.
Mr. Garg Vyas, CG Power and Industrial Solutions Limited (CGPISL)
Their scoring models allowed me to easily find a couple of new and promising companies and portfolios in my technology space within minutes of use.
IP Portfolio Manager, Global Telecom Giant
I am amazed by the quality and level of insights this tool offers. I have never seen anything like this before
Associate Director, Technology Licensing