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  • $900

    Per User/Per Quarter

  • Are you looking for professional search capabilities and don’t really care much for analytics and collaboration options? ‘PatSeer Standard’ is what you need!
  • ✔ Search our worldwide patent database

    ✔ Semantic Search Suggester

    ✔ Manage and save your search strings

    ✔ Analyse Data & Generate Basic Charts

    ✔ Generate Excel/Word Reports

    ✔ Simple Flat Fee subscription

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  • $1400

    Per User/Per Quarter

  • Are you looking for a fully featured zero-compromise patent search, analysis and project management solution with powerful sharing and collaboration capabilities? “PatSeer Premier” is for you!
  • ✔ All features of Standard Edition

    ✔ Worldwide patent database

    ✔ Search Recall™

    ✔ Multi-dimensional Analytics

    ✔ Full Projects functionality with Collaboration & Sharing

    ✔ Record Monitoring

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  • PRO
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    Per User
    Available Annually

  • Are you looking for a powerful patent analysis tool with global searching and collaboration capabilities? “PatSeer Pro” is for you!
  • ✔ All features of Premier Edition

    ✔ Search our worldwide patent database

    ✔ Create & Share customizable visual dashboards

    ✔ Generate network & Contour map using VizMap

    ✔ Multi-generation Citation Analysis

    ✔ Co-occurrence Matrix

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  • PRO X
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    Per User
    Available Annually

  • Looking for patent ranking and other qualitative metrics on top of what PatSeer Pro has to offer? “PatSeer Pro X” is for you!
  • ✔ All features of Pro Edition

    ✔ Quantitative Analytics

    ✔ Specialized Scoring Model

    ✔ Strategic Quadrant Charts

    ✔ In/Out Licensing Analysis

    ✔ Portfolio Pruning

    ✔ Competitive Benchmarking

    ✔ Accurate Patent ownership

    ✔ NPE | SEP

    ✔ Science Linkage

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Reimagine Company-wide IP Research with Explorer and Projects

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    Available Annually

  • Looking for a cost-effective enterprise patent search solution for your R&D/research team offering full privacy for the searches being done ? ‘PatSeer Explorer’ is what you need!
  • ✔ Company wide licensing

    ✔ Search across Patents and Journals simultaneously

    ✔ A novel idea search

    ✔ Fully secure platform offering complete privacy

    ✔ No login necessary and can be deployed using Single-Sign-on or Open-Access via private subdomain

    ✔ Analyse data & generate basic charts

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    Available Annually

  • Do you have access to a worldwide patent database already but wish you could leverage the patent data project features to streamline your project management? ‘PatSeer Projects’ is what you need!
  • ✔ Concurrent user licensing

    ✔ Create & manage multiple patent projects

    ✔ Annotate | Rank| Categorize records

    ✔ Add custom fields

    ✔ Analyse Data & Generate Charts

    ✔ Generate Excel/Word Reports

    ✔ Share projects

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