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  • Are you looking for professional search capabilities and don’t really care much for analytics and collaboration options? ‘PatSeer Standard’ is what you need!
  • ✔ Search our worldwide patent database

    ✔ Semantic Search Suggester

    ✔ Manage and save your search strings

    ✔ Analyse Data & Generate Basic Charts

    ✔ Generate Excel/Word Reports

    ✔ Simple Flat Fee subscription

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  • Are you looking for a fully featured zero-compromise patent search, analysis and project management solution with powerful sharing and collaboration capabilities? “PatSeer Premier” is for you!
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    ✔ Worldwide patent database

    ✔ Search Recall™

    ✔ Multi-dimensional Analytics

    ✔ Full Projects functionality with Collaboration & Sharing

    ✔ Record Monitoring

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  • Are you looking for a powerful patent analysis tool with global searching and collaboration capabilities? “PatSeer Pro” is for you!
  • ✔ All features of Premier Edition

    ✔ Search our worldwide patent database

    ✔ Create & Share customizable visual dashboards

    ✔ Generate network & Contour map using VizMap

    ✔ Multi-generation Citation Analysis

    ✔ Co-occurrence Matrix

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  • Looking for patent ranking and other qualitative metrics on top of what PatSeer Pro has to offer? “PatSeer Pro X” is for you!
  • ✔ All features of Pro Edition

    ✔ Quantitative Analytics

    ✔ Specialized Scoring Model

    ✔ Strategic Quadrant Charts

    ✔ In/Out Licensing Analysis

    ✔ Portfolio Pruning

    ✔ Competitive Benchmarking

    ✔ Accurate Patent ownership

    ✔ NPE | SEP

    ✔ Science Linkage

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Reimagine Company-wide IP Research with Explorer and Projects

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  • Looking for a cost-effective enterprise patent search solution for your R&D/research team offering full privacy for the searches being done ? ‘PatSeer Explorer’ is what you need!
  • ✔ Company wide licensing

    ✔ Search across Patents and Journals simultaneously

    ✔ A novel idea search

    ✔ Fully secure platform offering complete privacy

    ✔ No login necessary and can be deployed using Single-Sign-on or Open-Access via private subdomain

    ✔ Analyse data & generate basic charts

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  • Do you have access to a worldwide patent database already but wish you could leverage the patent data project features to streamline your project management? ‘PatSeer Projects’ is what you need!
  • ✔ Concurrent user licensing

    ✔ Create & manage multiple patent projects

    ✔ Annotate | Rank| Categorize records

    ✔ Add custom fields

    ✔ Analyse Data & Generate Charts

    ✔ Generate Excel/Word Reports

    ✔ Share projects

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The database covers all relevant authorities and numerous smaller patent authorities, in many cases with full text data only available in PatSeer. The system includes work flow tools which allow effective processing of the most demanding projects like complex FTOs or advanced portfolio analysis. Statistics, AI and traditional searching are well integrated in a single package. A big advantage are the sharing capabilities which allow dissemination of results in a straight forward manner.

Alexander G. , Patent Searcher Legal Services, 11-50 employees, Used the software for: 2+ years

Overall:Rather easy to use, quick graphs, assignee thesaurus & combining.

Reasons for Choosing PatSeer: The subscription was about to end and I did a normal assessment of all known services which would fit the size of our company. I found PatSeer to be best on price, local support (also remote), had all the functionalities I needed (plus some more) as compared to other established and expensive products.

Erkki S. , Patent Engineer Computer Software, 1001-5000 employees, Used the software for: 6-12 months

“Excellent product with extraordinary support”

Very nice and continually improving analytics and illustration of data. Though the product is great, the best is the customer service and support, which is among the best I’ve ever experienced.

I use illustrations to infom my clients, and sometimes the illustrations aren’t as complete or flexible as I would like. But on the up side, the company provides very rapid response to any problems or suggestions, constantly enhancing the software in response to customer feedback.

Jeff C. , Principal Market Research, Self-employed, Used the software for: 2+ years

Overall: It is great search tool available with great features at affordable price.

Pros: 1. The Coverage 2. Easy to understand the searching strategy 3. Project Sharing Feature 4. Customer Support

Reasons for Choosing PatSeer: Price, Coverage/content, Project Sharing, Customer Support etc.

Sangmeshwar K. , Manager Mechanical or Industrial Engineering, 5001-10,000 employees Used the software for: 2+ years

PatSeer Rating on Capterra

Likelihood to Recommend 100%
Ease of Use 95%
Customer Service 100%
Features 96%
Value for Money 100%

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I use XYZ database already. How does your database compare with it?

As a policy we do not give any comparison with any database nor comment on any other product. PatSeer is a very powerful web-based Patent Search and collaboration platform and many of our initial clients are extremely pleased with its intuitiveness and capabilities. Clients who are using industry leading databases who try out PatSeer quickly see that PatSeer doesn’t offer any compromise on features and capabilities they are already used to. We welcome users to try it out and make a comparison themselves.

Q. Can you list some of the unique capabilities of your platform?

PatSeer’s unique capabilities include – unmatched collaboration and sharing options, powerful analytics via great-looking multi-dimensional charts generated via unique chart layering and stacking technology, Integrated filters within search results allowing for drastic reduction in narrowing result-sets and their analysis, Patent Dashlets™ that bring a whole new dimension to how patent projects are done and delivered to stakeholders, Hierarchical categorization support and the widest possible range of custom field types apart from many other smaller features.

Q. Can I trust the data coverage you have claimed?

PatSeer gives a very high importance to data quality and coverage. To ensure you have access to gap-free high quality data we have tied up with partners that have many decades of experience in providing high quality data such as IFI Claims, EPO and other patent offices. Our unique data integration and indexing process involves manual verification each week to make sure that records don’t get missed out.

Q. How frequently do you update the database?

The database is updated multiple times each week with the new records that are published in that week. In addition to patent text data we also update the following data for existing records each week – Legal Status information, Family Information, Reclassification information, US Maintenance and Reassignments information.

Q.What is the difference between Premier edition and Projects edition?

PatSeer Projects does not include the Patent Database Search and associated capabilities such as Search History, Search Alerts and Corporate Tree. However full analysis and management capabilities of PatSeer Projects such as Browsing Project Records, Filtering, Charting, Categorizing, Custom Fields, Attachments, Patent Dashlets™ et al are included. A user subscribing to Projects Edition can add records into a Projects using Number Upload to get going with further activities in the Project.

Q. What are Simple families/ extended families?

a. A Simple family comprises those records that have exactly the same priority or same combination of priorities. Simple Family members can be interpreted as records that in all probability protect exactly the same invention.

b. An Extended family includes records that contain all records that are directly or indirectly linked to at least one common priority. Extended Family members can be interpreted as records that protect the same and also related inventions by the same applicant.

Q. Can we export the records?

PatSeer provides a feature of exporting patent data in Excel, Word, PDF, XML formats respectively.

Q. From where are the Semantic suggester keywords are picked?

The suggester takes the current set of input that you have given in the text field and looks up our Internal Semantic index for related terms.

Q. From where do you get legal status data from?

PatSeer incorporates the INPADOC legal status data