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Combining datapoints from hundreds of different sources across IP, Science, Legal and Corporate for superior research

Built on a scalable big-data platform with ML and AI capabilities our semi-automated algorithms collect, curate, and transform raw data from 300+ sources into ready to use information to fulfill your IP intelligence needs.

IP data

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  • Patents

136M+ publications • 108+ authorities • 96M+ Full-text records • 74M+ families • 63M+ translations Support for Publications • Simple Family • Extended Family • 7 Classifications

Value added fields: Value added fields: Independent Claims • Summary or Object of Invention • Prior Art description • Pharmaceutical Examples • Description of Drawings • Patent-Technical Domain mapping • Patent-Industry Mapping

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  • Quality Metrics

30+ parameters used to benchmark families

Portfolio-level: Portfolio Value Index • Portfolio Quality

Family-level: 360 Quality Citation Quality • Market Quality • Legal Quality • Intrinsic Quality • Originality •Generality

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  • Scientific Literature

200M+ Publications • 51K+ Journals covering Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Bio-medical, Healthcare, Energy et al • Covers Scholarly Publications, Conference Publications and Meetings

  • Designs

3.25M+ Design registrations • 29 Design registers • High Resolution Images • 2 Classifications

  • Standards

One of the Largest collections of disclosed SEP declarations • 30+ Standard Institutions • 7K+ Standards • 600K+ Standard Essential Patents

  • Companies

10M+ Normalised Companies and Universities • 15K+ Corporate Hierarchies for top holders • NPE Indicator • 1M+ Company profiles (coming soon…)