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PatSeer Premier edition is a fully-featured web-based global patent research platform with integrated analytics, project workflow and collaboration capabilities

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Are you looking for a patent database that goes beyond search & retrieval?

With integrated analytics, project workflow, and collaboration capabilities PatSeer Premier helps you all along the various stages of your patent workflow. Being built using the latest web technologies it hides the complexities of searching across worldwide data with its intuitive interface. With new capabilities going in every month or bimonthly, PatSeer doesn’t let you down and is ready to meet your custom needs faster than everyone else.

We also make it possible for you to combine IP with other data points such as Scientific Journals and Litigation and thereby make your decision over a larger set of factors affecting your technology and market strategies.

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Worlds only Family/Publication Hybrid Search Engine!

Why search separately in two databases when you can leverages all the advantages in a single engine?

Read more about the benefits of Family/Publication Hybrid Search Engine here:

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Experienced Patent Professional? We listen to your needs…

Ever wonder if databases have stopped listening to searchers and are only focused on analytics?

With more than 500 professional searchers active daily on the platform, we keep PatSeer Premier razor-focused on meeting every search or result review workflow need that comes up.



Search full-text in Original Language (incl. Non Latin Text) and English. Legal Status Search enhancements include date range, Event, Event Country (Incl. Designated Country Code events for EP,WO). No compromise on search techniques –Proximity, complex Boolean with proximity, command line searching, Search Scripting, wildcards, left & middle truncation, hit count cutoff, Natural Language Search


Search Aids

Collapse results by Simple/Extended family or by Application Number. Convert search queries from other databases to PatSeer using the Syntax converter. View the exact count contributed by each element in search query. Lookup a compound, drug or registry number and view name equivalents. Look up Matching Assignee /Inventor names. See keywords or concepts that are related to search term and improve search precision. IPC/US/CPC Classification Definition Search. Term Index Lookup &integrated search term translator to quickly translate any search term.


Search Result Review

Collapse results by Simple/Extended family or by Application Number. Multiple Result Views, Custom View, Detailed Record View, KWIC view, Hit Analysis. Citations by Self or by Family, Co-citation analysis. Multiple Detailed view of records can be opened in separate window tabs to allow for easy comparison. Live translator to translate all non-English claims to English. Key Concepts give a quick idea of key concepts covered in the record.



Multiple Export formats including Word/Excel/CSV/XML/Patent iNSIGHT Pro format. Charts can also be included in Word and Excel exports



Create weekly and monthly search alerts. Setup Record Monitors to track changes to any record.

PatSeer Patent Dashlets


Save and analyze upto 70K records in a project. Import your meta data from CSV /Excel files.Leverage flags, ratings, custom fields, hierarchical categories to add context to your analysis.



Analyze search results via multi-dimensional charts (column/line/pie/area/bubble/heatmap/geographical map)


Sharing & Collaboration

Share and Collaborate project data effectively using Patent Dashlets®

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PatSeer Premier capabilities at-a-glance…

  • Unmatched Global full-text coverage

  • More than 30 different translated full-text authorities

  • Probable Assignee for Unassigned Applications

  • Corporate Tree database for Top 5000 patent holding corporate groups

  • Normalized Assignee names for greater search precision and recall

  • Hybrid Search Engine – works publication wise or family-wise

  • Combine any number of filters and any number of values into a single filter

  • Apply a sub-search as a filter that can be combined with other filters

  • Powerful Customization Options

  • Custom Flags and Rating

  • Generate multi-dimensional charts and heatmap tables with ease using all the custom metadata

  • Create and share multiple interactive dashboards for different teams. (E.g. legal, marketing).

  • Each dashboard combines fields relevant to each team.

  • Flexible Multi-dimensional analytics

  • Capability to decide which record shows up in your results view when searching by family

  • Generate heat-maps on the fly

  • Search and Analyze a Million patents in real-time? No Problem!

  • Unleash the data-mining power of the platform to conduct analysis that is simply not possible due to export limitations or desktop CPU limitation

  • Powerful UI that requires no-learning curve

  • Multi-dimensional (X vs. Y ) analysis using great looking charts, custom fields, hierarchical categorization, Flags, Ratings and more

  • Share multiple dashboards from one project each being exclusive to a team

  • Dashlet can include interactive Custom fields such as drop-downs, bullets, checkbox, etc.

  • Share platform and not just data!

  • Add you sub-search query as a new dimension to any chart

  • Merge Multiple Assignee names into a single dimension in your chart

  • Invite collaborators (external search firm, counsels), setup business dashboards for R&D/management, create workflows for ongoing tasks and get work done!

  • Bring organizational context to your insights

  • Create your organizational taxonomy, import your custom metadata and make your analysis more business relevant

  • Hierarchical Categorization – No limit on number of categories

  • Control what the other person can view and how he or she can interact with the project data

  • Prevent one shared user from seeing other shared user’s data

  • Limit viewing of a shared user to only a subset of records in a project

  • Per–record Multi-user commenting, attachments and more!

  • Full-text or image annotation

  • Interactive visualizations with full drill-down capability

  • Limit viewing of a shared user to only a subset of records in a project

  • Unlimited Custom Fields of different types to suit all types of needs

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