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PatSeer Premier edition is a fully-featured web-based global patent research platform with integrated analytics, project workflow and collaboration capabilities

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Are you looking for a patent database that goes beyond search & retrieval?

With integrated analytics, project workflow, and collaboration capabilities PatSeer Premier helps you all along the various stages of your patent workflow. Being built using the latest web technologies it hides the complexities of searching across worldwide data with its intuitive interface. With new capabilities going in every month or bimonthly, PatSeer doesn’t let you down and is ready to meet your custom needs faster than everyone else.

We also make it possible for you to combine IP with other data points such as Scientific Journals and Litigation and thereby make your decision over a larger set of factors affecting your technology and market strategies.

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Why search separately in two databases when you can leverages all the advantages in a single engine?

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Ever wonder if databases have stopped listening to searchers and are only focused on analytics?

With more than 500 professional searchers active daily on the platform, we keep PatSeer Premier razor-focused on meeting every search or result review workflow need that comes up.

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Search full-text in Original Language (incl. Non Latin Text) and English. Legal Status Search enhancements include date range, Event, Event Country (Incl. Designated Country Code events for EP,WO). No compromise on search techniques –Proximity, complex Boolean with proximity, command line searching, Search Scripting, wildcards, left & middle truncation, hit count cutoff, Natural Language Search