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IP data is at the heart of PatSeer. We are undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive global patent databases. Using specialized data normalization and indexing techniques, we integrate patents and legal status data feeds coming from multiple raw data partners, add machines translations, standardized company names, make corrections to families and errors founds in priorities or classifications and further extract many value added fields for search and analysis. Learn more about our data

patent Search Suggestions


Search like a pro

250+ searchable fields to help you search publication or families (both Invention-based and INPADOC family supported). Multiple Search forms and styles to suit all types of users.

Powerful syntax

SLART support, nested proximity, same sentence or paragraph search, CAPS term search…. its all there!


AI-driven NLP engine that powers semantic search and a range of AI capabilities across the application

Chemical lookup

Lookup all variants of a compound or substance to make a comprehensive query.

See what you missed

Suggests relevant records that may have been missed by your search query

Autocomplete and synonym suggester

Get help on suggestions as you type

PatSeer Searching
PatSeer Result View

Viewing Results

Integrated filtering and sub-search

Powerful filtering capabilities to help you narrow down with ease

Speed browsing

Multiple results views with keyboard shorts to help you speed through results or drawings

Query Analysis

See how the different terms of query have influenced the result count

Full-text Snippets

Integrated KWIC snipped right within results helps you drastically cut down the number of records you actually need to open

Multi-lingual display preference