PatSeer Explorer

Smart and cost-effective company-wide patent search solution for your researchers

PatSeer Explorer is for R&D driven organizations who want to give smart global patent search access to research professionals across the firm. Whether they want to lookup results, download a PDF or a set of drawings and even get some quick insights, PatSeer Explorer has them covered.

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Spending more time and money evaluating all the new invention ideas only to find they are already taken?

PatSeer Explorer helps your inventors qualify their ideas before submitting them thereby ensuring only the higher quality ones make it through.

Simple and Secure

  • Fully secure platform offering complete privacy for your searches: Forget encrypted storage… even we wouldn’t know what has been searched because we don’t store it! All searches conducted are only present with the user for the session and go away once she logs out.

    Now compare us to free search platforms that apply AI and learning on your search queries and your actions on search results to improve results and relevance for someone else!

  • No prior search experience or help manual needed: Using semantic engines, the search is designed to be simple and yet powerful enough to give the most relevant set of results to the user. Guided search helps novice searchers make lesser mistakes and reduce noise in the results thereby saving time.

    Lookup similar patents to an existing patent or a paragraph of text or quickly see who all are active in a particular technology area. Its all possible without much effort.

We make it easy to roll out across the organization

With Single-Sign-on or Open-Access deployment models, you don’t have to worry about user access or administration at all

Intelligent and Cost Effective

  • Intelligent and Smart System helps reduce noise from results: Guided semantic search helps novice searchers make better search choices the first time itself and thereby reduce noise from their result.

    Value added company names normalizations, Calculated Alive/Dead Status, One-member per invention and more help increase precision and allow your researchers to take correct decisions

  • Flexible Licensing Packages: With concurrent licensing, you don’t have to pay for each user and the solution works on a simplified flat-fee model.

    PatSeer Explorer also helps you consolidate multiple solutions say for Search, Citations, PDFs into a single product. Talk to us to learn how you can do away with multiple solutions with one and save on excessive licensing fees.


PatSeer Explorer capabilities at-a-glance…

  • Global Coverage

  • Simplified Search Interface

  • Guided Smart Search

  • One-click PDF View or Download

  • Natural Language Search

  • Simplified Results View

  • Filters to work with larger result sets

  • Smart linking

  • Similarity Search

  • Quick Insights on results

  • Export to Excel and Word

  • Citation Viewer