Is your R&D team spending time developing innovations, only to find that they are already taken?

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PatSeer Explorer – 6000+ R&D users and counting…

A smart and efficient company-wide patent research solution that helps your researchers qualify their ideas before spending further time and resources on it.

Covering 145 million patents and over 200 million scientific literature articles, you can be sure that all the necessary prior art is getting looked up. Whats more….Our scientific literature coverage is rapidly rising, so watch this space.

With no hidden costs for downloading PDFs or printing machine translated full-text of patent documents, and with an extremely affordable concurrent licensing model, you can save more than 60% over other solutions.

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Easy-to-use keyword and semantic search interface helps you get the most relevant patents with ease

Simple, Secure, Comprehensive

  • Fully secure platform offering complete privacy for your searches: Forget encrypted storage… even we wouldn’t know what has been searched because we don’t store it! Unlike, free search platforms that apply machine learning on your searches and screen interactions in order improve result relevance for the community, Explorer is extremely secure and offers complete privacy for your researched ideas.

  • Search across Patents and Journals simultaneously: All searches, whether keyword or semantic, run across both the collections to ensure no relevant record is missed out.

  • No prior search experience needed: Using semantic engines, the search is designed to be simple and yet powerful enough to give the most relevant set of results to the user. Guided search helps novice searchers make lesser mistakes and reduce noise in the results thereby saving time.

Explorer can be enabled company-wide within minutes. No complex integrations or user management responsibilities needed

Intelligent, Novel, Cost Effective

  • Intelligent and Smart System helps reduce noise from results: Guided semantic search helps novice searchers make better search choices the first time itself and thereby reduce noise from their result.

  • Guided Idea Search: A novel idea search interface allows anyone to explain their idea and check if it has been applied or patented somewhere else.

  • Flexible Licensing Packages: You don’t have to pay for each user and the solution works on a simplified flat-fee model.