PatSeer adds 7 full-text authorities to its global patent data content

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December – 2017 – PatSeer adds 7 full-text authorities to its global patent data content and coverage

With the addition of 7 new authorities, PatSeer now includes 50 searchable full-text patent data collections out of a total collection comprising 104+ authorities. The new searchable collections make a lot more patent filings searchable and help globally competitive companies to make more informed decisions on their patent strategy in these countries. The new authorities recently added include Cuba, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Poland, South Africa, Singapore, and Italy. Also, we are expanding our Korean Full-text coverage years and you will soon see full-text for publications beginning from 1979…Read more here!

October – 2017 – We are pleased to announce a significant content update to PatSeer that brings additional new value added content and many more search fields and analytical capabilities. Parent Corporate Owner, Patent – Industry Mapping, Support for Mathematical Expressions and numbers, Claims Analyzer and much more.

Search portfolios of large companies though a simple one click search with Parent Corporate Owner field, Legal Status data (LSC) for all US applications and grants becomes more accurate with integration of US Register status values into Current Legal Status. Summary of Invention, Advantages of Invention and many more new searchable text fields to help you find the most relevant set of records in lesser time. Also, make sure nothing goes unnoticed by clearly highlighting the insertions and deletions done within the claim with Claims Analyzer. You can also search by Forward Cited Examiner Rejections or Examiner citations separately. Contact us for free trial!

PatSeer 2017 October enhancement
Patseer_June17_releaseenhancement Patseer_June17_releaseenhancement

June – 2017 – New full-text authority ‘Portugal’ added, Machine translations for Canadian (French publications) and Switzerland added, Text Mining advancements, Multi-generation citation trees, Orange book integration, Family dead/alive status, Innovation Timeline and much more…

This month’s release takes our content, workflow, analytics and visualization capabilities to a whole new level. A new full-text authority – Portugal has been added along with additional utility model filings and machines translations of many existing collections. Many new visualizations have been added in PatSeer Pro across Citation trees, Clustering and VizMAP. Text mining enhancements including stop-word support greatly enhance the quality of clusters generated. The Innovation Timeline chart allows you to map the rate of filings across companies and make a judgment of their aggressiveness in protecting their ideas in a technology space. Finally, addition of a Family dead/alive status and Orange-book content helps save time in your day-to-day workflows…See what’s new here!

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Patent Insight Pro and PatSeer provide us with high value in terms of quality, robustness and efficiency for developing complex analysis. The result: a significant increase in our technical intelligence tasks.

Dra. Marisela Rodríguez S., PHD Tecnológico de Monterrey
“A vast multinational patent database and a robust and reliable search algorithm.”

A well designed platform with an intuitive control panel that allows filtering, comparing, clustering, charting, save, share and export data. And a great technical team that helps when you get stocked.Patseer and Pat Insight has become in the best Patent search and analysis tools in the market!

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“Patent research has been central to Shibumi Consulting’s innovation and engineering consulting activities for many years. In 2011 we trialled Gridlogics collaborative search and analytics platform PatSeer. We found the robustness, speed and productivity more than a match for the leading subscription systems used in the industry and liked the integration with Patent iNSIGHT Pro for ‘deep dive’ analytics where warranted. Over the next 18 months we gradually moved our entire search workload from other platforms to PatSeer. As we’ve become more familiar with the system we’ve found added value e.g. the ability to involve geographically-distant subject-matter-expert searchers in our projects using a common platform without compromising quality or client confidentiality.”

Tony Owens,, Shibumi Consulting Ltd
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