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PatSeer Standard is a powerful patent search solution built to handle the “extreme” needs of patent searchers and information professionals. Whether it is Global coverage, Complex search scripts, Nested or chained proximity, Rapid Drawings review or Flexible exports…it’s all there!

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The one-stop solution for professional searchers, service providers, and law firms.

Faster Novelty, Invalidity or Freedom-to-Operate searches begin here…

  • Create complex queries in steps using Command Line Searching.
  • No compromise on search techniques –Proximity, complex Boolean with proximity, wildcards, left & middle truncation, hit count cutoff
  • Save results into projects for deeper review and analysis or to take advantage of hierarchical categorization and custom fields
  • PDFs, Embedded Images, Mosaics, Simple/Extended Families, Self/Family Citations and Co-citations, searchable Legal Status and more

Zero compromise on Data Quality, Performance and Capability…

Search within 109 million+ full text records of 72 countries and 131 million+ biblio records covering 107+ countries

The Flexibility you want…

  • With our hybrid family search, you can cater to projects that may require searching as Publication databases, Simple Family databases and INPADOC family databases all in a single solution
  • Search within the most relevant section (such as Object of Invention or Examples) in the specification separately
  • Faster result review with Powerful highlighting options and Keyword-in-Context View (KWIC) view
  • Multi-hit analysis – Power-scan records in your result-set using a Hit Analysis map that quickly shows you the keyword hit counts across Title/Abstract/Claims and Description of search result

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With frequent updates, PatSeer is leading the innovation cycle. Are you still waiting for your solution to catch up ?

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Search full-text in Original Language (incl. Non Latin Text) and English. Legal Status Search enhancements include date range, Event, Event Country (Incl. Designated Country Code events for EP,WO). No compromise on search techniques –Proximity, complex Boolean with proximity, command line searching, Search Scripting, wildcards, left & middle truncation, hit count cutoff, Natural language search.