PatSeer Projects

One-stop analysis and collaboration platform for Patent and Non-patent Literature

PatSeer Projects is web based centralized solution that helps integrate IP and scientific data coming from different sources into a single platform and gives a powerful set of analysis and workflow tools to help your people make informed decisions faster (and on an ongoing basis) from the information.

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Think Collaborative Decision making over scientific information?

Think PatSeer Projects.

Simplified Collaboration and distribution of work without loss of control

  • Create a centralized work environment for your internal team to manage and work on patent data projects, carry out analysis and deliver insights
  • It can be used to urgently pull up, filter and analyze patents for quick insights needed to make immediate decisions from any location, meeting room or device with web access
  • A web based delivery platform with a richer engaging experience than Excel, while helping you to manage the quality of deliverables
  • With a wide range of sharing options, the solution doubles up as a web-based collaboration platform between you and your colleagues or customers.

Why PatSeer Projects?

  • Because Patent Data is complex and managing patents /non-patent literature in a competitive intelligence solution can be very tedious

  • Because the data doesn’t have any use unless it is shared with the right person at the right time in the right fashion

  • Because Sharing Excel files back and forth between team members can quickly become a versioning and data management nightmare

  • Because you believe that intelligence extraction and delivery platform is as important as the information itself

  • Because you don’t want to waste too much time in data merging, integration and continuous updation

  • Because today’s corporate teams are spread globally and information sharing and collaboration is performed online

Capture Complex Organizational metadata that add relevance and context to the data

  • You can enrich the raw content with your organizational fields using Hierarchical Categories, Custom fields, Flags, ratings, comments and a lot more.
  • Full-text and image annotations allow you to do away with PDF highlighting and helps multiple persons collaborate on the patent content.
  • A wide range of permission settings give you complete control of what to make visible or editable to shared user and also allow you to engage other stakeholders of the project such as external counsel or senior management
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No need to work too hard to keep your competitive intelligence data updated…

Various integrators help you seamlessly integrate alerts and updates coming from third-party journals, IP databases or even from external service providers. We take care of all of the messy work of handling data formats, patent number differences, data deduplication so that you can focus on decisions.

Outsourcing your IP research? Use PatSeer Projects to take back control of the research data that you have paid for.

  • Single platform allows you to source research from multiple vendors

  • Do away with varying search report formats given by each IP service provider

  • Save time and cost from the resulting efficiency increase

  • No more data obsolescence issues associated with static files – all dynamic pieces of information such as family, citations, legal status automatically kept updated

  • Collaborate with your provider on-the-fly in any project

Customer Success Stories…

Delivering Critical Technology Alerts to various product teams

A global packaging company is successfully using PatSeer Projects to integrate third party alerts into a single platform and deliver it across various product teams. By setting up a workflow of continuous monitoring and tagging, the product teams also leverage the same project as a source of competitive intelligence and quick analysis.

Delivering IP data to different clients across the globe

A very large service provider is using a customized version of PatSeer Projects to deliver their research data to their clients across the globe.

Sharing PL/NPL with R&D teams across different locations

A global biochemical company is using PatSeer Projects to share and streamline PL and NPL information dissemination across the organization. Their IP/knowledge department does the research and shares the data with the R&D person who can further interpret and further analyze or visualize the information in various ways.

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PatSeer Projects Key Capabilities

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Data Import and Review

Import data using Number Import or import pre-defined formats with patent/non patent literature. Update additional data fields – Comments, Importance, Ratings, Custom Fields or Categories. Save and analyze upto 80K records in a project. Leverage flags, ratings, custom fields, hierarchical categories to add context to your analysis. All imported data and additional metadata is automatically indexed for searching and analysis