PatSeer Lite

Global Patent Database with easy-to-use search options at cost effective and flexible subscriptions


PatSeer Lite is for users seeking a simplified search, review and export experience from a patent database. Users can benefit from the Global patent content of PatSeer and save time with a variety of search result views and export options.

The Lite edition is best suited for Search -> Filter/Narrow down -> Export type of projects.

Flexible & Cost Effective

  • Flexible Subscription Plans: Available on a Daily, Monthly and Quarterly access (in addition to Annual)
  • Zero Upfront Spending: Get your user-id for free the first time and pay for access only when you need it.
  • Eliminate Guesswork on your expected workload: No long-term commitments or associated hassles !
  • Simplified on-demand activation anytime of the day: Credit-card based subscription purchase or renewal

Same Coverage, Performance and User Friendliness

Includes the most relevant set of search and analysis options to meet the unique needs of information or technology professionals.

Powerful and Intuitive

  • 71 Countries Full Text and 106+ countries Biblio: No restrictions on collections and full text coverage. (Same full-text and Bibliographic data coverage as PatSeer Premier Edition)

  • Search Made Easy: Easy to use search forms suited for patent searchers, technology professionals, and end-users
  • Simple yet Effective: Robust solution for the most common “Patent Search -> Filter, Narrow down -> Export” workflow
  • Integrated Filters: Multiple Result Filters with capability to combine any number of filters
  • Data Export: Export up to 20K records at a time in Word, Excel, or CSV formats


PatSeer Explorer capabilities at-a-glance…

  • Unmatched Global full-text coverage

  • Semantic Search Suggester

  • Simplified Results View

  • Combine any number of filters and any number of values into a single filter

  • Similarity Search

  • Citation Viewer

  • Analyse Data & Generate Basic Charts

  • More than 13 different translated full-text authorities

  • Available Daily, Monthly and Annually

  • Generate Excel/Word Reports

  • Powerful UI that requires no-learning curve

  • One-click PDF View or Download

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