Professional searching and analytics with limited projects functionality at cost effective prices and flexible subscription options


PatSeer Standard edition

PatSeer Standard Edition is a fully featured patent search database that has the same global coverage as PatSeer Premier Edition and also includes all features of Lite Edition. You can create any number of projects, however Sharing, Alerts, Advanced Analytic options are not present.

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Key Highlights:

  • 61 million+ full text records of 43 countries and 109 million+ biblio records covering 104+ countries
  • Create complex queries using search syntax within the Command Line Searching.
  • No compromise on search techniques –Proximity, complex Boolean with proximity, wildcards, left & middle truncation, hit count cutoff
  • Multi-hit analysis – Power-scan records in your result-set using a Hit Analysis map that quickly shows you the keyword hit counts across Title/Abstract/Claims and Description of search result
  • PatSeer Standard includes all features of Lite Edition
  • Save multiple minutes per document with Keyword-in-Context View (KWIC) view
  • Higher Export limits than Lite Edition
  • Integrated Corporate Tree for Top 3000 Assignees within search page so that you can lookup subsidiaries and include them in your company searches
  • PDFs, Front Page Images, Embedded Images, Mosaics, Simple/Extended Families, Bwd/Fwd Citations, searchable Legal Status and more
  • Updated multiple times each week with manual data quality checks
  • Multiple Result Views, Custom View, Detailed Record View
  • Citations by Self or by Family, Co-citation analysis
  • Multiple Export formats including Word/Excel/CSV/XML/Patent iNSIGHT Pro format

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