The Complete Professional Patent Research, Analysis and Collaboration Package!


PatSeer Premier edition is a complete professional patent research package comprising an online global patent database and research platform with integrated analytics, project workflow, and collaboration capabilities. PatSeer Premier quickly exceeds current systems in its analytics, team collaboration and data sharing capabilities.

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Key Highlights of PatSeer Premier:

  • One-stop patent searching solution with professional grade search syntax, pioneering “hybrid” (publication/family) search engine, Command-line and search scripting capabilities and 191+ search fields
  • Different views with fast loading times helping you quickly scan through large result sets or dig deeper into details of each record
  • Powerful multi-dimensional analytics capabilities built from feedback of reputed analysts from the industry
  • Get work done with PatSeer Projects where you invite collaborators (external search firm/counsels), setup Patent Dashlets® (business dashboards) for R&D/management, and create workflows for ongoing tasks
  • Easily involve stakeholders, implement project workflows, and reduce your collaboration and project management costs with Project Sharing

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Free Trial