Breakthrough patent research platform for the Innovation economy

Innovation-driven organisations require strong patent research management systems, access to comprehensive worldwide patent data, quick insights and means to collaborate effectively with all stakeholders over ongoing patent projects. PatSeer provides a one-stop platform that meets all these needs (and more!) to help streamline and manage all your patent workflows.

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patent research platform for the Innovation economy

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An AI-driven fully featured platform you can depend on for all your patent research, analysis and collaboration needs

PatSeer’s powerful integrated analytics

Insights to make the right Ideation choices

Continuous innovation is a necessity to maintain your technology advantage over the competition. Use PatSeer’s powerful integrated analytics, specialized scoring models for competitive scanning of technological space, to pin-point white spaces, to optimize patent portfolio, to find licensable art within your portfolio, and suitable licensing opportunities.

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Insights for commercialization and/or exploitation

Get the right insights to power your M&A, licensing, or portfolio optimization decisions. With real-time qualitative and quantitative assessment of patent portfolios, powerful charts to visualize and compare their strengths and weaknesses, PatSeer provides the insights for making well-informed business decisions

qualitative and quantitative assessment of patent portfolios
patent knowledge management solution

A complete patent knowledge management solution

Juggling between many ongoing patent projects can be tedious. Create and manage any number of projects effortlessly with PatSeer. Enrich raw content with your organizational fields, capture value-added data points. Manage user inputs, feedbacks effortlessly. Create a unified patent project management environment integrating all the various resources, functions and people involved in the process.

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Collaborate securely and effectively with others

Share and collaborate on projects across departments within your company or with third-party organizations to get their perspective. PatSeer allows you to share multiple interactive dashboards with different teams while having complete control over access and security.

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