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A comprehensive, highly adaptable, customizable and yet simple platform your company can depend on for all your patent analysis and project management needs.

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Having worked with companies that need complete access to patent data, quick insights and a strong analysis / patent project management system in place, we understand the challenges in getting all the different elements come together and work seamlessly.

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For corporate users, PatSeer brings pioneering patent project management capabilities:

  • Create and manage unlimited projects within the platform
  • Structure patent projects and customize the data inputs required for any project adding custom fields and data points
  • Add and manage members within the company that will work on or need access to projects with complete control over permissions down to a very granular level
  • Assign projects to members or employees within the system and create your own processes, policies and workflows
  • Create shared user accounts for third party service providers, other organizations you may wish to share parts or views of a project with and have them work within your system
  • Extend the features and capabilities of the platform with shared users like service providers that work with your organization while being in complete control over your data and processes

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You no longer have to wait for months to get the features that matter most to your workflow!

With our rapid innovation and feedback incorporation cycle, your needs are attended to within 30 days or less.


PatSeer can offer a multi-dimensional solution for the entire company’s patent project requirements:

  • Create a centralized work environment for your internal team to manage and work on patent data projects, carry out analysis and deliver insights
  • Configure to share access to various projects with members across departments within the company that may need the insights or collaborate on a project
  • Assign projects to external service providers for analysis, litigation analysis or other work while managing control, access and security at every level
  • Pull up, filter and analyze patents for quick insights needed to make immediate decisions from any location, meeting room or device with web access
  • Create a unified patent project management environment integrating all the various resources, functions and people involved in the process eliminating the inefficiencies and challenges usually faced by those who rely on and work with patent projects and data.

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