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Patent Term Extension Search

Patent Term Extension Search is also known as Orange Book Search or SPC, Typically used for pharmaceutical industries, searches where term extension provided to a granted patent (in certain countries for pharmaceutical based patents) is identified and used to calculate the exact date of expiry of a patent are patent term extension searches.

PTE gives a patent owner up to 5 additional years on a patent that covers a drug, biologic or magnificence III medical devices, The patent term extension cannot exceed five years. An application for patent term extension must be filed with the USPTO within 60 days of the regulatory approval of the product, Patent term extension is a treasured tool that drug manufacturers should recall, even if their products aren’t new entities.

The term extension information for different regions is available through different sources, most widely used by the USFDA Orange Book providing information for US patents. Some databases allow searching for records where its term has been extended.

Patent term extension search making it easier for clinical professionals to look for usual equivalents to Brand-name pills, drug patents and drug exclusivity. Both patients and docs can see permitted makes use of drugs and patent expiration dates for name-brand drugs.

Patent searchers carry out ‘Patent Term Extension’ search to check if the enforceable term of a patent has been extended, and if so, until when is the patent life valid during which freedom of operation of the product or the process protected by the patent remains negative.

To exemplify the importance of patent term extension search, the pharmaceutical industry in the USA may be taken into consideration. Patent Term Extension (PTE) is relevant to generic businesses or ‘businesses without in-house research capabilities’ while applying for the marketing exclusivity given to the first generic applicant, after the expiration of the patent term, where the expiration date shall be subject to the PTE.

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