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Zero compromise on Data Quality Performance and Capability.
Search within 92 million+ full text records of 71 countries and 136 million+ biblio records covering 106+ countries

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The one-stop solution for professional patent search, data analysis, ip intelligence, and project management.

Intelligence for every stage of your innovation lifecycle.

Search like a pro

250+ searchable fields to help you search publication or families (both Invention-based and INPADOC family supported). Multiple Search forms and styles to suit all types of users.

Powerful syntax

SLART support, nested proximity, same sentence or paragraph search, CAPS term search…. its all there!


AI-driven NLP engine that powers semantic search and a range of AI capabilities across the application

Chemical lookup

Lookup all variants of a compound or substance to make a comprehensive query.

See what you missed

Suggests relevant records that may have been missed by your search query

Autocomplete and synonym suggester

Get help on suggestions as you type

Integrated filtering and sub-search

Powerful filtering capabilities to help you narrow down with ease

Speed browsing

Multiple results views with keyboard shorts to help you speed through results or drawings

Query Analysis

See how the different terms of query have influenced the result count

Full-text Snippets

Integrated KWIC snipped right within results helps you drastically cut down the number of records you actually need to open

Multi-lingual display preference

Decide exactly when you want the original language displayed instead of English

Customizable Highlighting

Customisable multi-color term highlighting to support fast scanning of results

Powerful integration of charts and filters

A variety of great-looking charts and filters that do not give up on large result counts

Advanced Visualisations

Multi generation hyperbolic citation trees, Contour maps, Network analyser, bubble-matrix charts, family tree…list goes on

Thesaurus support

Create and apply custom company or term thesaurus to your analysis

Co-occurrence matrix

A flexible and powerful matrix analyser that meets the most demanding set of needs

Create and share interactive dashboards

Save all the favourite charts into a dashboard and share it across the organisation

Flexible exports

Wide range of export formats such as Excel/Word/PDF for text and PPT/PNG/JPG/CSV for charts and tables

Flexible Sharing

Share the platform and not just the data

Patent Dashlets®

Configurable dashboards that are perfect for sharing with R&D or management

Configurable metadata

Flags, Ratings, Multi-user commenting, Full-text annotations, user-defined taxonomy, custom fields and more

Global Profiles

Create organisation-wide display/filter/export profiles to make the task easier for intermittent users

Invite external collaborators

Receive the work output of service providers directly into your project. View and analyse data the way you want and retain control of the delivered datasets.

Setup company-wide datasets

Create curated datasets and make them available across your company with a single click