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Patent white space analysis identifies gaps in the patent landscape that can open potential opportunities for product or technology advancement. You can use white space analysis to upgrade your portfolio and explore newer technology areas for unmet needs. PatSeer’s powerful and flexible analysis tools help you at each stage of the white space analysis process and thereby gain that competitive edge.

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White Space Analysis

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white space analysis with hierarchical categories

View the patent landscape from your own lens

Bring your own technology and business perspective into the white space analysis with the help of hierarchical categories and custom fields. Quickly analyze your strengths and weakness around these new viewpoints. Use PatSeer’s tools for generating clusters, topic maps, IPC/CPC charts and co-occurrence matrices to get quick insights about the overall technology area and to decide the right categories that can lead to the meaningful and promising gaps.

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Complete set of pre-processing, analysis, and mapping tools to aid each step

Leverage multi-hierarchy and multi-dimensional co-occurrence matrices in PatSeer to analyze your category buckets. Associated heatmap visualizations over a generated matrix help uncover white space, if any, in the portfolio. You can also use multi-generation forward citation analysis for tracking the use of technology in different application areas and thereby uncovering new areas for your IP

patent mapping tools
PatSeer’s powerful collaboration

Share your insights for collaborative decision-making over identified gaps

Confirm the existence of white space by critically reviewing the patents with the help of IP teams, attorneys and inventors. Streamline the decision-making process by involving the relevant stakeholders into correlating your findings with the business strategy. Use PatSeer’s powerful collaboration options to share specific datasets and generated charts/matrices in a dashboard with the relevant stakeholders.

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Patent data can be complex, but getting the right answers shouldn’t be.

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Go Beyond White Space Analysis

PatSeer takes care of other strategic IP decisions too! Find out if your research investments are headed in the right direction, evaluate the legal strengths and positions held by key players in a technology space or qualitatively assess your patents with the help of scoring models and identify technology trends.

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