At PatSeer we plan to apply the same “continuous innovation” process that we have been following in Patent iNSIGHT Pro and so we would like you to be the first to know about all our latest updates made to the platform. Do keep visiting this page to see why we believe real innovation is happening on an innovation research platform.

PatSeer Release sep-19

April 2021 – PatSeer’s biggest release is now out! PatSeer is now Simpler, Faster and more Powerful than ever.

PatSeer has just undergone a makeover! We have revamped our user interface to make it more user-friendly and powerful. With the new customizable patent details view, SEP Analytics, simplified Alerts & Project management, and other usability enhancements, the database has become more efficient without compromising existing workflows. The new and upgraded PatSeer version is designed to help organisations meet their day-to-day patent analysis challenges and help drive smarter decisions in the increasingly complex global patent landscape. Contact us now!

PatSeer Release sep-19

September 2020 – Seamless Patent Qualitative insights and a comprehensive Standard Essential Patents Database and more…

PatSeer Platform Gets Two Major Updates! – A new edition – PatSeer Pro X which brings a host of statistically calculated qualitative fields and specialized charts into the existing analysis dashboards in PatSeer Pro, and the availability of expanded Standard Essential Patents Database collection.To learn more, request for a demo  Contact us now

PatSeer Release sep-19

May 2020 -Improved Translations and coverage, Access US File Wrappers, Support for US Citation rejection codes and more…

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully rolling out new release of PatSeer that includes various enhancements targeted to make our users more productive. This new release includes expanded translation coverage, increased quality of older translation for many existing authorities, support for US File Wrappers and US Citation Rejection codes apart from others. We have also redesigned project filters and controls for greater flexibility and simplicity. This release also includes many minor improvements to drawings, based on user feedback. To learn more, request for a demo  Contact us now

PatSeer Release sep-19

March 2020 – Expanded Coverage, Better Translated Content, Project Workflow Enhancements and no Covid related disruption to operations

Yesss… our team is successfully working from home and there is no affect to PatSeer Services due to Covid-19. Now, to something more exciting – Earlier this month we have expanded our full-text coverage to 71 authorities, reloaded exceptional-quality translations for JP/KR/EP/PCT/DE/FR and others that are also available within a week from publication, Enhanced project workflows with progress tracking capability and added a new patent drawings browser. To learn more, request for a demo  Contact us now

PatSeer Release sep-19

November 2019 – Making the interface simpler yet more powerful.

This month’s release brings a simpler and faster option to add records to project, SmartMerge to merge the new Flag/Rating/Comment, revamped Filter Sets for easier access to data, Introduction of Smart Search capability in Result view and in Project, changes in Project Operation Mode, Auto-update of records inside a project and many more enhancements to make our users more productive in their workflows.Contact us to know more

PatSeer Release sep-19

September 2019 – Discover the hidden relationships with Correlation Map

Generate correlation between Parties (assignees) and Classifications / Technologies / Categories on a single click. Contact us to know more

67 Full Text Authorities

August 2019 – PatSeer expands its global patent data collection by 2 additional full-text authorities

The new authorities recently added include: Bulgaria and Slovakia

PatSeer adds 2 full-text authorities to its comprehensive global patent database. The patent search engine now allows you to search for 89 million+ full-text records spread across 67 full-text and 106+ bibliographic authorities.