At PatSeer we plan to apply the same “continuous innovation” process that we have been following in Patent iNSIGHT Pro and so we would like you to be the first to know about all our latest updates made to the platform. Do keep visiting this page to see why we believe real innovation is happening on an innovation research platform.

PatSeer Release sep-19

Discover the hidden relationships with Correlation Map

Generate correlation between Parties (assignees) and Classifications / Technologies / Categories on a single click. Contact us to know more

67 Full Text Authorities

PatSeer expands its global patent data collection by 2 additional full-text authorities

The new authorities recently added include: Bulgaria and Slovakia

PatSeer adds 2 full-text authorities to its comprehensive global patent database. The patent search engine now allows you to search for 89 million+ full-text records spread across 67 full-text and 106+ bibliographic authorities.

sharing and collaboration in PatSeer

Sharing and Collaboration gets more powerful in PatSeer!

We are excited to announce many simplifications and enhancements to the Sharing and Collaboration capabilities in PatSeer. Our all new features and improvements adds more background intelligence for you. With the sharing capability re-engineered to be simpler, intuitive and useful, users can now Share, Restrict, Monitor and Supervise with a few clicks only. Contact us to know more

PatSeer adds 7 full-text authorities to its global patent data content

PatSeer expands its global patent data collection by 9 additional full-text authorities

The new authorities recently added include: Croatia, Romania, Cyprus, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia, Argentina and Tunisia

PatSeer adds 9 full-text authorities to its comprehensive global patent database. The patent search engine now allows you to search for 89 million+ full-text records spread across 62 full-text and 106+ bibliographic authorities. Going further and with the aim of providing our users unparalleled searchable content, we have also added 5 new machine translated full-text collections taking the total English full-text content to 40 authorities. 

ReleSense in patseer

ReleSense™ – An AI-driven NLP engine built for patent and scientific literature

ReleSense will power a range of semantic search and analysis capabilities in PatSeer!

ReleSense™ – An AI-driven NLP engine built for patent and scientific literature. With more than 12 million+ semantic rules, the engine is continuously learning from publically available patents, scientific journals, clinical trials and associated data sources. The engine will power a range of AI driven capabilities in PatSeer beginning from search to categorization, predictive-analytics and via APIs it will empower complementary IP solutions.  Find Out More! 

Standard KWIC view in patseer

New Standard+KWIC View 

See exactly where your query matched while staying in-context!

Speed-review of search results takes a huge jump with the introduction of this new result view! The new Standard+KWIC results view combines the Biblio information present in Standard view along with snippets showing exactly where your query matched within the full-text of the record. Contact us for free trial! 

PatSeer Redesigned Quick Stats

New Quick Stats Analytics Module 

Tell powerful stories with your data!

Take your visualizations to the next level. Communicate persuasive and engaging insights with improved navigation, interactivity and ease-of-use in our new Quick Stats Analytics module. Contact us for free trial! 

Patent Intelligence software

Advanced IP Intelligence made easy.

A Full Stack IP Intelligence Software Solution!

PatSeer 360 allows you to quickly dissect technology spaces or company portfolios. You can identify promising IP portfolios and compare its strengths and merits, find licensable art within your portfolio, identify non-performing IP assets, evaluate technology and R&D direction and analyze the strengths and positions held by key players. PatSeer 360 combines Artificial Intelligence, big data and interactive visualizations in an versatile and easy to use platform that requires minimum learning curve. To learn more visit: PatSeer 360

PatSeer release March 2018

Drawing Legend Viewer

Save 75% of time spent in reviewing drawings!

Patents diagrams are sometimes hard to understand, but with the help of legends and explanation the tasks can become a lot easier. With the New Drawing Legend Viewer you can speed through complex drawings with ease since it eliminates need for shifting back and forth between the drawing and full-text. Contact us for free trial!

Patseer release January 2018

Charting Enhancements

Record Based Charts: Find out Top patents by Citations, Claims, Families, Inventors, Drawings and Prosecution with ease using Record based charts.

Bubble Chart support for Innovation Timeline: A notable addition to the innovation timeline is the addition of the representation as a bubble chart instead of a line series.

Additional charting enhancement to provide superior presentation via complete country name displayed in the charts relating to countries, Sorting data in charts from ‘High to Low’ or ‘Low to High’ and set or edit subtitles for a particular chart. Contact us for free trial!

PatSeer adds 7 full-text authorities to its global patent data content and coverage.

The new authorities recently added to PatSeer are:

  • Cuba (CU): Full-text collections of Patents from 1985 to 2012 and Applications for the period 1985 to 2014 have been added
  • Dominican Republic (DO): We have added full text of Applications from 2001 till date
  • Poland (PL):We have added full text of Patents from 1924 to 2016 and Applications for the period 2002 to 2016
  • Uruguay (UY):Full-text of Applications in Uruguay for the period 2010 to 2013 have been added
  • Singapore (SG):In addition to key Asian countries, full-text collections Applications for Singapore have been added. The collections begin from 2011 to 2014
  • South Africa (ZA):Full-text for Applications from 1983 to 2010 has been added
  • Italy (IT): Full-text collections of Patents from 2011 to 2016 is being added

See the updated detailed coverage here!

Korea (KR): Full text collection of Patent grant and utility model is being extended to 1979 and Patent application full text will be extended to 1983. The expansion includes Korean language full text and English translations.

Industry Mapping Feature by PatSeer Patent Analysis Software

Introducing Industry Classification for Patents

Now identify the key trends, challenges, and opportunities pertaining to a particular industry that may impact your business and influence your corporate strategy. See which industries your competitors and other players are operating in and which ones they are aggressively patenting in. Map your citations by industry to see potential areas where your technologies might have an impact.

Patent parent corporate owner

Parent Corporate Owner

Analyzing Company portfolios gets a whole lot easier with the introduction of Parent Corporate Owner in PatSeer. No need to spend time wading through incorrect and unclean Assignee names. We have done all the hard work on normalizing Assignee names so that you don’t have to. Get precise IP information about corporate patent portfolios and execute your IP strategies with greater confidence

We currently cover more than 5000 corporate groups and are actively working on adding more groups and refining the ownership dataset further.

Patent Claims Analyzer

Claims Analyzer

Announcing Claims Analyzer – a tool that helps attorneys and legal professional save a lot of time when the need for the deeper review of claims arises. You can now speed through the differences between claims of a patent and its application, family member or any other record.

With an easy to use interface, claims analyzer helps you make sure nothing goes unnoticed by clearly highlighting the insertions and deletions done within the claim.  Analyze how the claims of a patent portfolio have evolved over time and reduce chances of any omission when comparing full claims, independent claims or just a single claim.

Vizmap_PatSeer ProClusters in Form of Visualizations

June’17 Release Updates


  • New Full Text Authority: Portugal: Full-text of applications and grants published in Portugal starting from 2007 has been added. The full-text content is in original Portuguese language.
  • Brazil Utility Models added: Utility models filed in Brazil from 1972 – 2017 have been added
  • Taiwan Utility Models added: Utility models filed in Taiwan from 1991 – 2017 have been added
  • Russian Granted Utility Models added: Russian Granted Utility Models from 1994 – 2017 have been added
  • Canadian (French) Machine Translations added: Full text machine translations of Canadian records published in French has been added to PatSeer for the period 1978 – 2017
  • Switzerland (CH) Machine Translations added: Full text machine translations of Switzerland (CH) records published in German, French, Italian has been added to PatSeer for the period 1980 – 2017

See the updated detailed coverage here


Advanced Clustering:

  • Support for Stop words in Clustering:Reduce noise within the generated set of clusters and greatly increase the quality of the text clusters generated.

  • New Clusters Visualizations: Gain better perspective across the generated set of clusters with integrated visualizations.

Citation Analysis:

  • A new visualization that makes better use of the available space and support multi-generations has been added. Interactivity options allow you to expand or split nodes within the generate tree and thereby navigate across the citation generations.

VizMAP Enhancements:

  • Landscape Mode Enhancement: Flexible contour grading colors now make your maps look even better than before.

  • Grouping Nodes and Colors in a generated Map: You can now group together nodes or colors in the map to support your analysis.


Search Enhancements:

  • Current Search Enhancements:  View key stats against your existing queries without moving out of the current interface. This helps save time spent in switching between search and result pages and helps refine your search query faster.

  • Classification Export from Search Scripts: Now you can download class definitions for those classes which are a part of your search queries. It helps save time in summarizing the class definitions in your search reports.

Result View Enhancements:

  • Orange Book Integration – All records present in the Orange Book are now tagged and you can view the relevant orange book drug and exclusivity information within the application itself. Users in pharmaceutical companies can review orange book information within search results itself. Various analytics relating to patent and drug information coming from Orange book will also be added soon.

  • Family Dead/Alive Status – We earlier added a record-level dead/alive status indicator in the Family table. A new Family Level Legal Status (Dead/Alive) Indicator is now introduced for both type of families – Simple Families and Extended Families. The Family Dead/Alive status helps you save time when making analyzing and reviewing results at a family level.

  • Faster Drawings Review – You can now view Large images of drawings forupto200 records in a single result view page and thereby save a lot of time in your drawings review processes.

Quick Stats Enhancements:

  • Innovation Timeline: A new tab ‘Innovation timeline’ has been added to Quick Stats, Benefits of Innovation timeline is its ability to show how often research/filings being done by particular assignee or filings being done in particular technology.

With this graph, stakeholders can proactively identify which of the competitor’s strategies in terms of filing is working well, how frequently the research is carried out within a specific technology area, where current research is going in terms of particular technology, what specific tactics they are using etc.

The release also includes many other miscellaneous improvements to the usability, exports and performance based on user feedback.


April’17 Release Updates


Search Enhancements:

  • Search syntax validation: Reduce errors while forming the search query with new enhancements to our real-time syntax validator
  • Export Search Scripts in pdf/ word format: In addition to the existing CSV format, you can now export your search strategies in PDF and Word format

Project Enhancements:

  • Project operation modes: Projects in PatSeer can now operate as if it contains Records or Unique Applications or Simple/Extended Families.
  • Support for importing ProQuest xml format: We have added support for importing ProQuest XML patent and non-patent literature.
  • Search within comments/text custom fields: Easily search through comments/text custom fields using text filters.
  • Normalize project metadata across family members: A simple tool to normalize all the flags/rating/comments/custom fields information across family members.
  • View records grouped by Recency: Sorting by Added Date within a Project now shows you records grouped by their recency to the current date.

Result View Enhancements:

  • Link to search reports/examination report: Save time reviewing PCT records using a direct link to the Search/ Examination reports available on PatentScope.

  • KWIC improvements: Now you can correlate your highlighted keywords even in the KWIC view.


  • Summary report: Summary Reports allow you to generate a quick report that has multiple viewpoints of the IP data summarized in a single view. These compressed views are great for sharing across the organization.

  • Citation analysis enhancement: Citation tree has been completely revamped with new visualization that allows for the display of more data and also for easy traversal of citation generations.

The release also includes many other miscellaneous improvements to the usability, exports, and performance based on user feedback.

March’17 Release Updates


  • Ignore a Search Result: Capability to Ignore Record/Family from search results so that they do not get included in your further actions and analysis
  • NPL Search: New NPL sources (Clinical Trials, CrossRefs) are being added in our existing NPL search form
  • New Chart type – Circles: The topics chart that you see, can now be generated for your own categories and any other multi-dimensional chart using the new chart type – Circles
  • Search Results term highlighting: Enhanced support for proximity and underscore operator
  • Shortcut Improvements: Many usability enhancements to keyboard shortcuts
  • Projects:

    • Full-text Annotations Export: All full-text annotations (Both Text highlighting and the comments/tags on the highlights) can now be exported in Word, Excel and PDF formats

    • Custom Fields: User can now upload multiple files to an attachment custom field

    • Auto-Update Records in Project: You can now auto-update all Published Applications present in a project to their Published Grants with a single-click. (All custom field and other meta-data is migrated to the Grant.)


  • VizMAP: Enhancements to Contour maps and many other usability and performance improvement

The release also includes many other miscellaneous improvements to the usability, exports and performance based on user feedback.

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