PatSeer provides a range of Search forms to help you finalize your search strategy quickly. Search aids such as Finding matching Assignee or Corporate Tree or even Semantic Search and integrated right into the Search pages for easy and efficient lookup.

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Search Forms Multiple search forms to suit different types of users. Quick Search, Command Line, Semantic, Non-Latin, NPL and  Number Upload ✓(Except Command Line & Natural Language Search) ✓(Number Upload only)
ReleSense™ An AI-driven NLP engine built for patent and scientific literature powering a range of AI driven capabilities
Non Patent Literature Search (NPL) Get access to prominent science and engineering databases via a single integrated search interface.
Search Scripting Combine searches like a pro! Combine search queries using AND/OR/NOT with identifiers assigned to each search query. So you can prepare your final search strategy in steps rather than having to formulate the large search in a single go
Semantic Search Suggester See keywords or concepts that are related to your search and improve search precision
Search Fields Search by All text fields, US, IPC(8-9), IPC(1-7), CPC and Locarno classifications, Assignee/Inventor Country, Attorney Agent, Examiner, Earliest Priority Date, Legal Status and more. ✓(Search within results)
Lookup Matching Assignee / Inventor Lookup all variations of the Assignee or Inventor name you are searching for and include them in your search
Search Syntax Includes advanced Search capabilities needed by professional searchers such as complex Boolean, wildcards, proximity, fuzzy, and range queries. All operator words – and/or/not are also searchable
SLART Support Left, right and middle truncation supported to aid searching in chemical and biotech verticals
Proximity Searching Fully Featured proximity support without any compromise. Includes support for both ordered and un-ordered proximity, support for nested boolean within proximity queries (like A or B within 5 words of C or D), support for number range in proximity (like A within 3 to 10 words of B) and support for adding any number of words in a single proximity statement (like A or B or C or D or E within 10 words of each other)
Same Sentence / Paragraph Searching Search within same sentence and search within the same paragraph using the ws and wp operators. So say (mobile ws5 imag*) searches for mobile within 5 words of imag* and within the same sentence.(Search within same paragraph will not work for authorities that have OCR’ed full text data)
Multi-lingual Stemming Integrated Multi-lingual Stemmer that supports stemming across English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Swedish language content. Our unique approach to stemming ensures transparency and full control over what stem will be searched. See Related Blog Post.
Cross-language searching Useful composite fields allow you to search across patent content in 9+ languages in a single query statement
Natural Language Search Search free-text and rank patents that have similar content. Simply copy-paste the text that you want to lookup in Title-Abstract-Claims or in Full-text and PatSeer identifies the records closest to the text you have given.
Similarity Search Search records that are similar to a given record using multiple methods such as Co-Citations and Co-classifications.
Search Term Translator Integrated search term translator allows you to quickly translate any search term while entering your search query without leaving the page.
Browse Term Index Allows you to lookup all variations of the input word. This lookup also supports left truncation. So if you input *cycle it will show you all variations such as bicycle, recycle etc..
Class Definitions Search Search through IPC, US and CPC Class definitions with the same powerful search syntax. You can search across all the class definitions simultaneously and also restrict your search to a portion of the class (Section / Main Class / SubClass) if needed.
Chemical Synonym Lookup This option in Search Tools allows you to lookup a compound, drug or registry number and view name equivalents which can further help make your search queries more comprehensive and precise. Information Source: National Library of Medicine.
Manage Searches See all the searches done for past 1000 searches. Combine complex search strings or Save search strategies.
Search and Record Monitor Alerts Receive Email Alerts of any new records being published in your area of interest (based on your search criterion). Monitor records and receive an alert if any changes happen to its family, forward citations, legal status and in case of US records, its reassignment and maintenance status.
Search Recall™ Search Recall™ allows you with easy access to past work and helps you reuse it for current tasks, thereby reducing duplication of time and effort. It remembers all your annotations and actions for search results so that you don’t have review or repeat the same action for any record in your result set.
Query Analyzer View the exact count contributed by each element in search query.
Syntax Converter Convert search queries from other databases to PatSeer using the Syntax converter.

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