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PatSeer has been developed keeping users need for secure collaboration and sharing in mind. The PatSeer platform has multifaceted capabilities and so we have organized its features into various categories:


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Coverage Includes 92 million+ full text records of 71 countries and 129 million+ Biblio records covering 106+ countries. Full Text Machine Translations in English is available for the following 38 countries and Total Number of English Original and Translated Authorities – 45. Click here to see Detailed Coverage Table.
Worldwide Litigation Data Integrated access to global patent litigation data, sourced from Darts-ip’s case law database. Click here to read the complete press release.
Corporate Tree Integrated Corporate Tree for Top 5000 Assignee’s within search page so that you can lookup subsidiaries and include them in your company searches
Normalized Assignees Assignee names have been cleaned up manually using in-house tools for more precise search and analytics
Current Assignee Search Latest Ownership details for US records along with Probable Assignee calculation for unassigned records. See related blog post.
Reassignment Assignee Search across all assignees present in the US Reassignment history of the record
Maintenance Data Maintenance status for US patents has been integrated into results
Independent Claims Independent Claims are searchable separately from Full Claims
Description Examples Examples that occur at the end of the patent description can be searched separately
Description of Prior/Background Art The section within patent description that describes the prior/background art has been made available as a separate search field
Priority Information Priority Numbers and data available for every record and integrated into search results
Patent Family Both Simple and Extended Family information integrated into results. You can choose collapse results by either Simple or Extended Family
Searchable Legal Status INPADOC Legal Status linked with each record and searchable along with other fields. Current Legal Status is calculated for each records and available as a separate search field
Front Page Images Front page drawings for US, EP, WO, DE, JP, CH, GB, FR records displayed along with results.
Image Mosaic Links to mosaic of all patent images.
PDFs Links to view PDF for each record. PDF coverage available for all major authorities US,EP,WO,GB,FR,DE,JP,CN and more.
Citations Backward/Forward Citations per record/per family available for US and most European authorities with a indication of Examiner and Inventor Citations.
Classification Descriptions CPC, US and International (IPC) Class Descriptions integrated into the search results for instant lookup.
Assignee and Inventor Country Country information provided for Assignees and Inventors where available.
Estimated Expiry Date Estimated Expiry Date calculated for each patent and available for search and filtering. The Expiry date factors Term Extensions and Disclaimers for US records.
Earliest Priority and Publication date Earliest Priority and Publication date from the Extended family has been precalculated and linked to each record.

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