The patent platform that helps you take your patent practice to the next level

Find all the right tools for your patent searching needs, due diligence, litigation tasks and business development in a single IP research platform. PatSeer has been developed with tried and tested practices of users like you. Our continued product innovation ensures the platform meets your needs today and in the future.

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Patent Research and Analytics

Experienced Patent Professional? We listen to your needs…

Ever wonder if databases have stopped listening to searchers and are only focused on analytics?
With more than 500 professional searchers active daily on the platform, we keep PatSeer Premier razor-focused on meeting every search or result review workflow need that comes up

IP litigations

Tackle IP litigations with the right insights

Get the required insights from patents to craft the ideal litigation strategy. Analyse the strength and weaknesses of assertions via invalidity and prior art searches. Use PatSeer to prepare supporting data needed for the case such as claims charts, claim comparison, citation trees, family trees.

Manage and analyse your client’s portfolio

Use PatSeer’s unique scoring models to value patents qualitatively and give insights to your clients regarding portfolio management. PatSeer’s assignee data, portfolio status data will help you with due diligence and supporting research for crafting the right partnership, technology transfer, licensing or sale agreements that serve the best interest of your clients.

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