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Patent Legal Status Search

Patent Legal Status Search is also known as Patent Status Search, Searches to conclude the latest status of a patent/patent application are known as legal status searches. The legal status provides the information on the rights associate with the patent and especially is used to note whether the patent is in force or not. Constant updating of legal status from time to time is essential.

Legal status Search also can assist to reply questions which include whether or not a property right has been transferred, which inventors are worried, whether or not a license of proper can be granted.

Patent searchers carry out ‘Legal Status’ search to identify one or more patents based on their current legal status. Identification of a patent’s legal status, helps to understand if the patent is in force, in order for grant, lapsed, or capable of being restored or irreversibly abandoned/out of force.

Generally, the legal status searches are conducted in combination with another searching aspect such as:

  1. An assignee to identify patents with specific legal status; example, all patents of an assignee that have lapsed in last one year

  2. One or more patents for repeated updation of current legal status; example, a patent which was relevant to freedom-to-operate study but had lapsed during the freedom-to-operate search and hence was not considered relevant for the freedom-to-operate study; however, on later updation the patent was restored thereby becoming relevant to the freedom-to-operate study conducted earlier, after the legal status searches were done for such updation.

Typically, this is done with the same intention as that for checking freedom-to-operate with respect to a product or a process claimed in a patent/ patent application. Based on the outcome of this search, strategic approach similar to a freedom-to-operate can be taken.

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