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Patent landscapes give you a snapshot of the innovation that exists in a technology area. They help you make the right choices before entering a new technology area, deciding the future course of action of your current R&D efforts or finding complementary use-cases or partners. Using state-of-the-art NLP techniques, PatSeer provides a compelling range of analytical tools to help uncover hidden opportunities and give answers beyond traditional landscapes. PatSeer is your comprehensive one-stop platform to generate detailed technology landscapes

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patent landscape analysis

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PatSeer’s powerful co-occurrence matrix analyzer

Flexible analysis tools – Get answers to questions that matter

An array of pre-defined multi-dimensional charts and tables covering trends, geographical coverage, parties, citations, classifications, and legal events help get you quick answers. You also get numerous technology mining options to analyze the data from different viewpoints. PatSeer’s powerful co-occurrence matrix analyzer gives the flexibility needed to slice-dice the dataset along a custom need