Actionable insights to keep your product innovation ahead of the competition

Ignorance is _not_ bliss and can be very expensive in today’s innovation driven economy. Patents provide critical technical information about competitor’s R&D and product innovation. Knowing what inventions are out there and what are upcoming is key to maintaining an edge over your competitors. With a comprehensive set of quantitative, qualitative, automated and text-mining tools, PatSeer helps in revealing business and IP-related insights that are potentially relevant to you.

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Competitive Intelligence

The IP-driven competitive intelligence toolbox you need to help make well-informed product decisions

Landscaping new or complementary technology areas

Landscaping new or complementary technology areas

Increase your market reach by scanning complementary technology areas and deciphering their competitive landscape. Know who are the leaders, challengers, and visionaries in the space you are interested in. PatSeer provides a compelling range of patent mining and trend analysis tools that can help uncover white spaces and make the right build vs buy choices.

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Benchmarking your IP portfolio against the competition

Benchmark your portfolio to know its competitive standing against your peers and whether you are lagging or leading against competitor’s portfolios. PatSeer takes a holistic view of scoring patent portfolios by assessing their competitive, market, legal and technology potential. Use PatSeer’s Portfolio Value Index and other quality metrics to benchmark your portfolio and PatSeer’s 360° Quality to find strongest patents of competitor that can possibly act as threat to your technology.

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Benchmarking your IP portfolio against the competition
Early Warning System

Designing the perfect Early Warning System for your organisation

Early warning system is a continuous CI process to be carried out in timely manner to capture threats before it’s too late or too expensive to overcome. Use PatSeer’s Alerts and Projects to monitor relevant IP in technology areas that are critical to your products and identify threats if any, well in time. Take guidance from subject matter experts to review the patents causing threats and come up with a solution. PatSeer’s comprehensive data collection makes sure you don’t miss out on any important filing. Weekly or monthly alerts are automatically added to PatSeer projects, a host of collaboration, notification and tracking options give you complete oversight over the next steps that have been decided for them. You can also setup IP intelligence dashboards over the relevant records for on-demand insights.

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