Simplifying IP research and intelligence needs of research institutes

The rate of patent filings by research institutes continues to grow every year which poses its’ own set of challenges such as quality assurance, research financing, maintenance of granted patents, finding commercialization partners and so on. PatSeer provides the tools you need to take the right decision at every stage of the journey from research to commercialization.

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IP research and intelligence

An AI-driven fully featured platform you can depend on for all your patent research, analysis, and commercialization needs

Open innovation and collaboration

Finding the right partner accelerates your invention towards commercialization by way of integration into new or existing products. PatSeer helps you find out which firms and universities are collaborating in large patent datasets with a click of button. You can also leverage applicant type filters to narrow down partners of a particular type such as hospitals, firms, universities, governments, etc.

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Easy access and dissemination of IP knowledge for researchers

It is extremely easy to get overwhelmed by surplus information if you look in the wrong place! PatSeer’s Explorer Edition is a simple and efficient patent research solution that provides researchers the tools they need to become more productive. Its’ keyword and semantic search options enables people to make better search choices and speed up decision making with filtering and analysis tools.

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