Making it easier to locate the right IP monetization opportunities

Patents can be a critical source of intelligence in your quest to license or sell your patents. Most of the critical research work done in for-profit entities globally is increasingly being disclosed only in patents and so you cannot afford to ignore them when looking for companies working in related technologies. PatSeer’s powerful IP analytics can deliver the precise insights required for your out-licensing research.

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IP Licensing

Everything you need for IP Licensing

Making well informed decisions on prospective licensees for your patents

Finding potential licensees and gaining as much as possible about their calibre is critical. PatSeer provide multiple tools to achieve this. Multi-generation Citation Charts, Co-Citation Analysis, Similarity Searching or technology searches help in identifying potential licensees that are either drawing upon your patents or working in the same technology area. Patent Re-assignments insights help you discover who is buying patents in a certain technology area in recent times.

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