All the information and tools you need to make the right choices when pruning your portfolio

Different business activities (like mergers, acquisitions) can create redundancies in your patent portfolio. Pruning your portfolio to match the current business strategy can become necessary every once in a while. A feature rich and intuitive platform like PatSeer can help you with portfolio optimisation

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Optimize a Patent Portfolio

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Everything you need for Portfolio Optimization

Patent Qualitative Metrics

Qualitative IP metrics to help separate the grain from chaff

PatSeer takes a holistic view of scoring a patent family by assessing its competitive, market, legal and technology potential. Patents ranking higher on 360° Quality tend to have a higher probability of being used for assertion, licensing, or litigation, in a company’s IP strategy. The 360° score comprises 4 contributing scores – Citation Quality, Market Quality, Legal Quality, and Document Quality.

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Analytics that help you pinpoint the non-core patents with ease

Unparalleled interactive analytics such as Score vs Age distribution matrices or portfolio performance charts help save time and improves time to decision-making. Use the combination of metrics and the product patent mapping to come up with core/non-core patents against each product or technology.

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pinpoint the non-core patents with ease

Evaluate licensing potential

Evaluate licensing potential before finally abandoning the non-core patents

Citation/Co-citation Analysis, similarity search help you decide the licensing or infringement potential of non-core patents and if there is any licensable art within them. Those patents in a non-core product or technology, with lower rating and with low licensing potential are ripe for pruning.

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Patent data can be complex, but getting the right answers shouldn’t be.

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Go Beyond Portfolio Optimisation

PatSeer takes care of other strategic IP decisions too! Whether you are evaluating the legal strengths and positions held by key players in a technology space, assessing your and your competitor’s offensive and defensive positions or building licensing decisions, you are well covered with PatSeer.

Portfolio Optimisation

We power many of the world’s largest Corporates, Government Offices, Service Providers and Freelancers!

PatSeer is a great analytics platform to translate data into business insights, which enables informed decision making.

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