Sharing via PatSeer

Sharing Projects via PatSeer is unique and different from the sharing you will find elsewhere. There are two key differences:

  • In PatSeer you do not share static data, you share the platform and you can decide what features to hide, grant or restrict using a powerful permissions engine.
  • You can share with anyone with an email id and the shared user does not have to be a PatSeer customer.

PatSeer Subscription Types

PatSeer is available in PatSeer Lite, Standard, Premier and Projects Editions.

PatSeer Projects has all Projects related functionality including sharing and collaboration features while PatSeer Premier combines worldwide patent searching with Projects. (You may be asking: If I am using PatSeer Projects, how do I add records to a Project if I don’t have Search? Well, you can supply a file with numbers and PatSeer will pick up all the data for those records from its internal worldwide patent database.).

PatSeer Lite is a limited search and export only version of the Premier edition that does not include Projects (and related collaboration/sharing capabilities), Alerts, Multi-dimensional charts and some other features.This edition is well suited for your Search -> Filter/Narrow Down -> Export type of projects.

PatSeer Standard includes command line search and project capabilities when compared to Lite Edition but has limited analytics and export options when compared to Premier Edition. Further Alerts, Collaboration and Sharing capabilities and Litigation data are not present in the Standard edition. So the Standard Edition stands midway between the Lite and Premier Editions.



PatSeer Lite

  • Simply looking to search, view and export results? ‘PatSeer Lite’ is what you need!
  • Search our worldwide patent database

    Semantic Search Suggester

    Manage and save your search strings

    Narrow down search results using powerful filters

    Analyse Data & Generate Basic Charts

    Generate Excel/Word Reports

    Simple Flat Fee subscription model

PatSeer Standard

  • Are you looking for professional search capabilities and don’t really care much for analytics and collaboration options? ‘PatSeer Standard’ is what you need!
  • Search our worldwide patent database

    All features of Lite Edition

    Command Line Search

    Corporate Tree

    KWIC view

    Multi-hit analysis

    Limited Projects functionality (without sharing/Dashlets)

    Higher Export limits than Lite Edition

    Simple Flat Fee subscription model

PatSeer Premier

  • Are you looking for a fully featured zero-compromise patent search, analysis and project management solution with powerful sharing and collaboration capabilities? “PatSeer Premier” is for you!
  • Search our worldwide patent database

    All features of Standard Edition

    Search Recall

    Multi-dimensional Analytics

    Create, Manage and Apply Thesauri to your search and analysis

    Non-Patent Literature Search

    Full Projects functionality with Collaboration & Sharing

    Patent Dashlets®

    Hierarchical Categorization, Custom Fields

    US Litigation Data

    Higher Export Limits

    Create and Manage Search Alerts

    Record Monitoring

    Simple Flat Fee subscription model

PatSeer Projects

  • Do you have access to a worldwide patent database already but wish you could leverage the patent data project features to streamline your project management? ‘PatSeer Projects’ is what you need!
  • Create & manage multiple patent projects

    Add records via number upload

    Annotate records

    Rank Records


    Add custom fields

    Share projects

    Analyse Data & Generate Charts

    Generate Excel/Word Reports

    Simple Flat Fee subscription model

PatSeer Pricing Packages

PatSeer Lite, Standard, Projects and Premier subscriptions are offered with different pricing models. The pricing below is for a single user license per quarter. For higher number of users, the price per user license is lesser


  • No Projects
  • $900Qtr

    Also Available Daily, Monthly and Annually

PatSeer Lite is available as Daily, Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Subscription. PatSeer Lite does not include saving and managing records in Projects or Creating Alerts. However you can search the worldwide patent database with the fully-featured search functionality and view or export the results.


  • Limited Projects without Sharing/Collaboration
  • $1100Qtr

    Also Available Annually

PatSeer Standard is available as Quarterly or Annual Subscription. You can create any number of projects during the subscription period. However Sharing, Alerts, Advanced Analytic options are not present.


  • Unlimited Projects
  • $1400Qtr

    Also Available Annually

  PatSeer Premier is available as Quarterly or Annual Subscriptions and also includes NPL Search and Litigation Data.


  • Unlimited Projects
  • $850Qtr

    Also Available Annually

  PatSeer Projects is available as Quarterly or Annual Subscriptions and you can create as many projects during the subscription period. A project can hold as many as 70,000 records. There is no limit to the number of projects you can create and work on during the subscription period..

Corporate Annual subscriptions start for companies that need 10 or more licenses and additional services such as setting up a Private Cloud, theme localization, SharePoint Integration, Custom in-house KM solution integration etc. Please contact us and give us your requirements and we will respond quickly with a proposal and quote.

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