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Gridlogics workshop @ PIUG on May 22, Sunday 1-2 pm

Why are PatSeer users across big and small corporations smiling?

PatSeer holds one of the most comprehensive worldwide patent collections and has become the patent research platform of choice for many patent professionals. With many industry-first innovations such as – Hybrid Search Technology, Patent Dashlets®, Search Recall™ and more, PatSeer has been raising the bar on innovations that help improve your research.

Join us to learn more about the capabilities that set PatSeer apart and why Gridlogics is “laser-focused” on making sure it solves challenges you face in your current platforms.

In this workshop we will discuss and demonstrate live:

  • Patent Research Challenges that databases don’t like to talk about
  • Is the hybrid search engine truly “hybrid” or is this just a buzz word?
  • Big and complex queries – how is PatSeer pushing the limits
  • Rapid Results Review – Can you actually cut down the time to cull through a large result set
  • Secrets that make the real difference to your patent research

Look forward to seeing you at PIUG 2016 on Sunday, May 22, 1-2 pm !


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