Leading US Startups Revolutionizing AI-powered Medical Diagnostics

AI is omnipresent nowadays in industries such as e-commerce, education and gaming, to name a few. One of its greatest strengths is that it can analyze huge amounts of data quickly and thoroughly, so it holds a lot of potential for healthcare diagnostics. As a result, AI can enable early disease detection and reduce the time required for analysis, thereby speeding up the workflow.

Based on recent investments in healthcare, we identified 5 well-funded US startups known for their AI-powered medical diagnosis solutions from 2015-present. We used Assignee Quality Metrics in PatSeer to run a qualitative analysis on their patent portfolios. To get an idea of their background, please refer to the image given below.

AI-powered Medical Diagnostics

Specialties of these 5 medical care startups

  1. Activ Surgical

    Activ Surgical has autonomous systems, ActivEdge and ActivSight, integrated with imaging, AI and robotics technology to help doctors with diagnoses. They are focused on improving surgical efficiency, patient outcomes, and accessibility.

  2. Ablacon

    Ablacon uses electrophysiology, computer vision and deep learning for highly accurate AI-guided atrial fibrillation therapies. Their technology visualizes heart activity in real-time and facilitates the treatment of atrial fibrillation much faster.

  3. Overjet

    Overjet is a dental AI software that analyses clinical data and helps clinicians make accurate diagnoses and ensure better patient outcomes.

  4. PathAI

    PathAI aims to make diagnoses and treatment of diseases like cancer more effective with machine learning and AI-powered pathology. With the help of deep learning techniques, they build models using pathology data that automatically detect and diagnose medical conditions.

  5. Strados Labs

    Strados Labs aims to improve respiratory health with medical technology such as clinical-grade biosensors. Their product, RESP™ Smart Sensor Platform is a wearable lung device and sensor that enables early detection of changes in ventilation patterns and lung acoustics remotely.

Qualitative analysis of patent portfolios in PatSeer

Qualitative analysis of a patent portfolio involves scoring and rating patent records on their intrinsic and extrinsic qualities. It reveals valuable insights such as the strengths and weaknesses of a portfolio. We used PatSeer’s patent scoring feature to evaluate these startups. Refer to the table below to view their assignees, number of inventions, year of application, technical domains, inventors and qualitative scores.

Current Owner No. Of Inventions Application Year Technical Domain Inventors * Portfolio Value Index Portfolio Quality Citation Quality Market Quality Legal Quality Doc. Quality
ACTIV SURGICAL INC 20 Medical technology : 18
Optics : 6
Computer technology : 5
Audio-visual technology : 3
Handling : 1
O Shea Liam : 8
Demaio Emanuel : 7
Oberlin John : 6
Buharin Vasiliy : 5
Calef Thomas : 5
214.0 1 15.91 7.93 29.86 23.35 32.97
ABLACON INC 19 Medical technology : 19
Computer technology : 1
Measurement : 1
Ruppersberg Peter : 18
Haeusser Philip : 6.
Kong Melissa Huang Szu Min : 3
Luksic David Emanuel : 3
196.34 17.33 17.28 24.5 25.6 20.42
OVERJET 7 Medical technology : 5
Computer technology : 3
Inam Wardah : 4
Ramaswamy Deepak : 4
Faiella Robert : 3
Jelicich Alexander Albert Joseph : 3
29.93 11.82 3.61 14.05 20.2 22.26
STRADOS LAB INC 2 Medical technology : 2
Computer technology : 1
Au Yu Kan : 2
Delmonico Nicholas Shane : 2
Muqeem Tanziyah : 2
33.56 16.78 0 49.24 29.15 26.31
PATHAI INC 1 Computer technology : 1
Beck Andrew H :1
Khosla Aditya : 1
13.05 13.05 11.5 11.5 15.5 19.8

Table – Overview of assignees patents and qualitative scores

* To learn more about PatSeer’s Quality metrics, check out: Patent Scoring in PatSeer.

To Sum Up

These popular startups have invented devices that will help in early detection and management of chronic diseases. They have also started filing patents whose qualitative scores are strong in terms of document quality