Patent Landscape Report on

Precision Farming

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Patent Landscape Report on Precision Farming Tools


Traditional farming methods could be unpredictable, may result in the overuse of resources. The use of advanced technologies like GPS (Global positioning system), GIS (Geographical Information System), artificial intelligence, remote sensors can help develop eco-friendly systems to improve crop productivity.

Precision Farming is also known as Satellite Farming or Site-Specific Crop Management (SSCM) is a theory for sustainable farm management. Use of this concept can make farming more efficient by using lesser resources but increasing the yield and profit.

Key questions answered in report:

What are the filing trends for Precision Farming Tools for last 15 years?
Which are the current technological focus areas?
Who are the key inventors in the domain?
How is the portfolio analysis of key companies for Precision Farming Tools (Qualitative)?
Which are the key patents?
How is the innovation scene and market growth?
Which application areas will drive the market?

Some of the major tools of precision farming:

  • Global Positioning System (GPS) and Geographical Information System (GIS) – GPS is a satellite-based radio navigation system that locates the position of field, equipment that can be further used for creating field maps, studying soil condition and soil requirements. GIS can be used to manage spatial, geographical information like soil information, yield data which can be stored in map form.
  • Remote Sensing – Aerial or satellite sensors observe large areas and monitor any changes detected in soil color, crop development, water, etc. Some applications include yield forecast, soil mapping, wasteland detection, soil moisture, pest/ insect infestation, nutrient information, etc. Beneficial information about resources can be obtained via remote sensing technology which will affect the production.
  • Variable Rate Technology – With the help of decision support systems VRT can be used for controlled application of chemicals, fertilizers, water, insect control, etc. over an area.

Innovation Trends

Patent Trends_Precision_farming_Tools

Data for last 15 years was taken into consideration. A steady rise in the patent application filings was seen after 2012 with highest number of filings in 2018 (1834 patent applications). Number of granted patents was highest in 2020 (682 patents).

Research Activity around the World

Research activity_around-world_Precision_farming_Tools

The map provides an indication of where innovation in this area is originating from.


Assignee Innovation Timeline

Innovation Timeline_Precision_farming_Tools

The chart above shows assignee innovation over 20 years for the top 10 assignees active in Precision Farming Tools.

Promising Companies

Top companies_Precision_farming_Tools

Companies like General Electric Co, have smaller portfolios as compared to the others for precision farming tools but they can still challenge some of the top companies in terms of the quality of their inventions.

Table of Content

  • Introduction
  • Filing Trends for Precision Farming Tools
    Innovation Trends
    Pace of Innovation
    Trends for Various Precision Farming Tools Over the Last 15 Years
    Prominent Inventor Countries
    Patent Filing Trends
  • Research Landscape for Precision Farming Tools
    Research Activity Across the World
    Top Research Areas by CPC Classification
    Prominent Technical Areas – Automatically generated
    Prominent Technical Areas – Manually Categorized
    Industries across which Precision Farming Tool records fall into
  • Company Trends for Precision Farming Tools (Quantitative)
    Company Innovation Timeline
    Companies V/S Technical Segmentation
    Current Owner – Sensors
    Inventor Group of Top Applicants for Precision Farming
  • Portfolio Analysis – Key Companies for Precision Farming Tools (Qualitative)
    Most Valuable Portfolios
    Top Companies (Leaders, Challengers and Visionaries)
    Companies and their Market Potential
  • Other Insights
    Records with Maximum Backward Citations
    Records with Maximum Forward Citations
    Records With Maximum Non-Patent Literature References Cited
    Industry Wise Key Statistics Repo