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A new era in web based professional patent analysis begins…

PatSeer Pro Edition combines the power of PatSeer’s global patent searching and collaboration capabilities with the powerful patent analysis tools of Patent iNSIGHT Pro in a single integrated web based platform.

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No fake promises. Just serious analysis tools with great looking interactive visualizations!

Feeling let down by “business ready” workflows and black-box automated insights ? Join the community of IP managers and competitive intelligence professionals who can get answers to questions that are need-of-the-hour and don’t rely on a tool to throw up [sic] all sorts of charts that do not matter or (worse) make sense. These users know that flexibility is key for IP analysis that makes business impact because no two business needs are same.

With PatSeer Pro you now have the flexibility you were looking for in a single integrated web based analysis platform.

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Stop wasting time exporting patents just to analyze them

When you can analyze patents and non-patent literature in an integrated online platform why bother wasting time in export/import of data!

Pro Edition of PatSeer is all about saving time and getting to the insights quickly. And did we mention that PatSeer holds the world’s most comprehensive patent database collection.

Patseer Pro Advanced Patent Analysis

Recent Updates

Correlation Map - patseer proGenerate correlation between Parties (assignees) and Classifications / Technologies / Categories (if present) on a single click.

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Big data analytics? With 131+ Million records, IP is big data!

PatSeer Pro takes advantage of Gridlogics’s 11+ years expertise in patent text mining and visualisations platforms. To make it all possible on the web, we have now combined the best of big-data analytic techniques to make sure your analysis show up in seconds!



VizMAP combines patent network analysis with semantic (contextual) spatial-mapping thereby allowing users to not just view clusters and their contents but analyze key relationships in their context. Designed for users who seek advanced visualizations above charts and graphs for semantic exploration within large sets of patent data. VizMAP highly leverages the capability of the human visual system to identify patterns and anomalies when information is presented in an intuitive visual landscape.

PatSeer Pro Patent Visual Dashboard

Customizable Visual Dashboards

Go beyond singular visualisations by building a series of stunning charts that reveal the hidden IP strategies. With a few clicks, share these interactive visual dashboards so that the decision makers can interact with the data and gain insights swiftly.

PatSeer Pro Summary Report

One Click Summary Reports

Summary Reports allow you to generate a quick report that has multiple viewpoints of the IP data summarized in a single view. These compressed views are great for sharing across the organization.

PatSeer Pro Edition Patent Analysis Co Occurance

Co-occurrence Matrix

A powerful flexible multi-dimensional analyzer that IP professionals love! We have now gone a step further and combined this with the biggest set of filters in the industry to make your slide-dice even more powerful. The matrix allows you to combine any two fields and understand hidden relationships. You can easily convert any matrix into a Heatmap, a chart or even export it to Excel.

PatSeer Pro Edition Assignee cleanup Thesaurus

Assignee, Inventor, Attorney Cleanup

Yes, you need this because precise insights cannot be had without normalising a couple of data points! We have provided a bunch of easy to use cleanup tools that help support data standardisation, de-duplication, and enrichment.


Multi-generation Citation Analysis

A new citation tree visualizer helps you generate multi-generation forward/backward citation trees. Interactive filtering and drill options help you go beyond just the tree to reveal and highlight the hidden relationships and collaboration with the technology landscape.

PatSeer Pro Edition Advanced Full Text clustering

Full-Text Clustering

Identify most important keywords, topics and themes from your patent projects. Analyze relationship between clusters, and find out the business opportunities hidden in innovations.


Give wings to your research output

We know you have worked hard to extract meaningful insights from patent data so why not double their impact by using the best possible visualization. Make critical business decisions by identifying technology area, topics, trends and hidden insights using state-of-the-art visualizations

No Complicated Modules. Simple flat fee Subscription.

Well…we could repackage the same dish in different plates. But we find a Buffet to be lot simpler and cost-effective than à-la-carte in restaurants anyway.

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PatSeer Pro capabilities at-a-glance…

  • Create and configure dashboards as per your business charting requirements

  • A large set of powerful visualizations

  • Share dashboards across the organization

  • Render multiple visualizations in a single view

  • Add interactive filters to your dashboard

  • Collaborative decision making experience via sharable dashboards

  • Advanced 2D spatial visualizations for semantic exploration

  • Fully HTML5 compliant SaaS that works across all browsers

  • Powerful Customization Options

  • Normalize Assignees as per your business context

  • Competitor Trend Analysis

  • Natural Language / Similarity Searching

  • Out-licensing Research beyond citations

  • Powerful web based co-occurrence matrix with integrated real-time filters

  • Generate heat-maps on the fly

  • A variety of Matrix Export options