PatSeer — Latest and Biggest Release is Now Live!


Behold, patent professionals, a simpler, faster, and more powerful PatSeer is here!

Stay ahead of your patent research challenges with a new and upgraded PatSeer patent research platform.

PatSeer’s biggest release is now out! With a rejuvenated and improved user interface and a host of beneficial enhancements, we aim to make your day-to-day workflows easier and faster. The new version is more user-friendly and efficient, with new customizable patent details view, SEP Analytics, simplified Alerts, Project management, and other usability enhancements. Moreover, it has become simpler, quicker, and more effective without compromising our existing functionalities

Let us take a quick look at what’s new…

Cleaner, Faster and Simpler UI

Our new interface is now more instinctive and convenient for everyday use with faster loading content. The welcome page is more lucid, with collapsible main tabs for better viewing. You can directly access your recent searches and projects from the welcome page itself with just one click. Changes have been made to the font, size, and colour to make the text easily discernible

Customizable Patent Details View

You can now customize the layout according to how you want to view the full details of any record. Simply hide any section that you don’t want to see and arrange the rest of the sections the way you would like to view them via simple drag-drop. With Projects, you can also organize the additional fields such as Categories, Comments, or Custom Fields and see all the information that matters with a single glimpse.

SEP Insights At-A-Glance

We have augmented our Standard Essential Patent (SEP) collection with the most popularly used SEP charts and analysis. Now you can view and generate various insights over SEP technologies, SEP technologies by company, Standard names, and Standard bodies

Redesigned Projects Page

PatSeer Projects is a versatile collaborative and sharing platform. The new remodelled projects dashboard shows up all your projects as informative tiles. These tiles will not only indicate salient details like the number of records or time of the last visit for a particular project but also allow access to functions like project settings, clone it, add to search, view project activity or delete the project for projects created by you. An advantageous improvement is the Compare projects feature that allows you to select and compare up to 5 different projects, search for a query or term, identify duplicates or remove them across different projects.

new patseer patent analytics and search features

Advanced Analytics Now Integrated with Filters

The powerful analytics tools of PatSeer Pro, such as Advanced Text Clusters and Summary Report, are now integrated along with the powerful filtering interface to give you a lot more flexibility for slicing and dicing through the displayed analysis.

Alerts Made Easy!

We have introduced a streamlined Alerts interface to manage all your alerts. Now the user will not miss out on important changes by compulsorily receiving an email about any status update. You can also decide the format and patent fields for alerts when you want to receive an email attachment. Optionally you can also set all the alerted results to be given a particular Flag or Rating, or Comment while being added to the designated project. You also have an option to exclude an alerted record if the simple or extended family members of the record are already present in the project.

What’s more, there are many underlying platform improvements, that will help us provide greater ease and functionalities in the near future and so you can expect a lot more exciting news to follow soon!

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