Patent Landscape Analysis on Algae Blooms

Protecting Our Future Water Supplies


Algae Blooms is an area of environmental and public concern as drinking water sources and other large bodies of water are increasingly compromised due climate change and agricultural drainage. These factors have increased the frequency of HAB’s forming in lakes, ponds and other bodies of waters. The toxins from Harmful Algae blooms are of special interest because they are often difficult to remove without special treatments methods. Society is trying to meet the threats to these waters using innovative technology.

Patent Search

All the patent searching was done in PatSeer. A full search was completed with 3784 patents found. From this search a core set of patents was selected based on date (2015-01-01 to the present) and some selected keywords derived from PatSeer’s advanced clustering. These keywords were based on interest only with no other purpose or agenda. The final set of 1004 patents and is the set which the PatSeer Analysis tools were used.

Algae bloom

Patent Landscape Analysis

Understanding what technology is being created to meet these future needs is important and by analyzing patents we can determine interesting trends and players within the space. In particular we are looking at IP within the last 5 years and in particular with technology belonging to the CPC category YO2 for technologies relating to climate change. Report includes analysis on:

  • Publications by Date
  • Theme Map
  • Focused Theme Map
  • Legal Status
  • Number of Publications per Country
  • Top 10 Assignees
  • Top 10 Inventors
  • Topic Wheel
  • Top Ten Assignees Vs Tech Domain
  • Industry and topic

Detailed patent analysis on Algae Bloom can be found in report below:

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