Using PatSeer to Search and Analyze Patents on Soy Protein 

Patent Landscape Report on Soy protein


This Patent Landscape Report on Soy protein analyzes research trends of soy protein with a focus on Types, Health Effect, Applications and also highlights the key Applicants involved in this space. Patent and Competitive Intelligence in this report also shows the top applicants with respect to the size of their patent portfolio and their 360 sigma scores which will help to compare the landscape for soy protein in terms of the quantity and quality of the applicants…


This report is based on search strategy for Soy protein space, after Patent data curation from thousands of records, we come up with representative set of 10656 records (4113 families). Trend analysis based on the filing of priority application indicates a gradual increase in number of applications being filed post-2012. The maximum number of patent applications (554) taking/having priority were filed during 2017. University Northeast Agriculture has the largest portfolio size amongst the top universities but still it is behind other top universities with lesser portfolio size in terms of the overall radical idea of its invention and its applications.
Fuji Oil has the largest portfolio and its invention age is more than 12 years. While companies like Buron Nutrascience, Abbott, DuPont who have better 360 quality and better invention age can be considered as being the new challengers in the field of Soy Protein.

Key companies considered for analysis are:

  • Fuji Oil Co ltd

  • Dowdupont

  • Nestle SA

  • Univ Northeast Agriculture

  • Donaldson Co Inc

What You Will Get in the Report:

  • Patent search strategy overview

  • Innovation trends

  • Trend for various application areas of soy protein over the last 15 years

  • Trend for various types of soy protein over the last 15 years

  • Inventions abandoned and renewed

  • Technology cycle time

  • Key areas of research for soy protein

  • Research activity around the world

  • Top CPC classifications

  • Prominent areas of research

  • Inventor groups of top applicants for soy protein

  • Portfolio analysis of applicants across technical segments

  • Applicants across different types of applications

  • Applicants across different types

  • Technology landscape for soy protein

  • Innovation summary for top companies

  • Innovation summary of top applicants

  • Assertion and defensive potential of top applicants

  • Top applicants by quantity and quality

  • Innovation summary for top universities

  • Top universities and their research caliber

  • Summary

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