Using PatSeer to Search and Analyze Patents on Optogenetics 

Patent Landscape Report on Optogenetics by PatSeer

This Patent Landscape Report on Optogenetics analyzes research trends with a focus on Targeting Techniques, Sensors, Light Equipments, Actuators and Applications and also highlights the key Applicants involved in this space…

This report is based on search strategy for Optogenetics space / technology, after Patent data curation from thousands of records, we come up with representative set of 3452 records (1728 families). Trend analysis based on filing of priority application indicates a gradual increase in number of applications being filed after 2013. Maximum number of patent applications (263) taking/having priority were filed during 2016. University of Stanford leads the patent count for Optogenetics followed by University of California and University of MIT. More number of Universities and research originations in the top applicants with University of Stanford leading the record count. University TUFTS has the highest Generality amongst the top universities innovating in optogenetics, which implies that it has multiple applications.

Though there are long gaps in the timeline from the early days, the recent years have continued to see a lot of IP activity.

Key companies considered for analysis are:

  • Bristol-Myers Squibb

  • Immunolight LLC

  • Acucela Inc

  • Vertex Pharma Inc

  • Senomyx Inc

Detailed analysis on Optogenetics can be found in report below:

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