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Using PatSeer to Search & Analyze Patents on Smart Contact Lens

The patent landscape report “Using Patseer to Search & Analyze Patents on Smart Contact Lens” takes a look on Smart Contact Lens from Intellectual property perspective more so from the Patenting activity happening within this technology.
Using PatSeer as database individual publications were collapsed to one member per family and results were classified around following five key areas:

• Components
• Vision Correction
• Biometric Sensing
• Display
• Materials
• Applications

Apart from answers to questions like filing trends, top companies, where research activities are happening; you will also find information on focus of key companies across various Smart Lens Components, different type of sensors furthermore get to know Smart Lens Sensor’s applications.

Company spotlight on Verily Life Sciences and also a section on Technology transfer by IBM to GlobalFoundries

Also, Check out inventions related to:

• Image Processing in Smart Lenses
• Vision Correction in Smart Lenses

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Detailed analysis on Smart Contact Lens can be found in report below