One-stop collaboration and sharing platform for Patent and Non-patent Literature


PatSeer Projects Edition is well suited for scientific and information departments in companies who are looking for a solution to organise and share all their patent and non-patent research data with R&D, Legal, Marketing and Management. The solution provides you with a seamless way to import and organise patent and non-patent literature from your existing patent and journal databases. You can enrich the raw content with your organisational fields using Hierarchical Categories, Custom fields, Flags, ratings, comments and a lot more. Also with a wide range of Sharing and permission settings, the solution doubles up as a web-based collaboration platform between you and your colleagues/customers.


With PatSeer Projects you can collaborate with key project stakeholders and deliver information and insights to clients via a feature rich, intuitive and interactive platform.

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Web PatSeer Project

“All users access PatSeer Projects from our secure servers”

Private Cloud

Private PatSeer Project

“Separate dedicated infrastructure is set-up for the client and users login on their private portals”

Inhouse (Enterprise)

Inhouse PatSeer Project

“Patseer runs on a inhouse hardware and all data is stored within the client datacenter”


Key Highlights of PatSeer Projects:

  • Create a centralized work environment for your internal team to manage and work on patent data projects, carry out analysis and deliver insights
  • It can be used to urgently pull up, filter and analyze patents for quick insights needed to make immediate decisions from any location, meeting room or device with web access
  • A web based delivery platform with a richer engaging experience than Excel, while helping you to manage the quality of deliverables
  • It can be configured to share access to various projects with members across departments within the company that may need the insights or collaborate on a project
  • A wide range of permission settings give you complete control of what to make visible or editable to shared user and also allow you to engage other stakeholders of the project such as external counsel or senior management
  • It can be used to assign projects to external service providers for analysis, litigation analysis or other work while managing control, access and security at every level
  • It creates a unified patent project management environment integrating all the various resources, functions and people involved in the process eliminating the inefficiencies and challenges usually faced by those who rely on and work with patent projects and data

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