Viewing Results

Different views help you quickly scan through large result sets or dig deeper into details of each record. An Excel like Tabular Custom View can also be created with only the fields you want to see.

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Viewing Result in PatSeer

Viewing Results

Result-Set Hit Analysis Map Power-scan records in your result-set using a Hit Analysis map that quickly shows you the keyword hit counts across Title/Abstract/Claims and Description of search result
Thesaurus Get precise insights by creating and applying thesaurus to your charts and graphs. You can create and upload your own thesaurus for Assignee/ Inventor/ Attorney/ Keywords and further apply them to group results in filters, charts and graphs.
Integrated Filters Powerful integration of filters on the left help you narrow down into specific portions of your result-set with ease. Combine filters across multiple fields with ease.
Keyword-in-Context View Why bother reading the whole document when you can browse through all the matching portions of text using the Keyword-in-context (KWIC) view? Save multiple minutes per document with this view!
Multiple Result Views Multiple Result views for quick browsing and reviewing of results
Sort Results Sort results by search relevancy, latest Publication or application date, most cited and least time-to-grant.
Custom View Choose exactly which fields to see in a smart Excel type view
Detailed View Supports results browsing so that user can run through each result right within the detailed view itself. Detailed View tab can be moved to separate monitor so that user can browse through results one by one conveniently
Integrated Claims Translator All Non-English Claims can be translated live to English using the inbuilt Translator. The translated claims appear side-by-side to the original claims for easy comparison and review.
Drawings View Browse through Patent Drawings with ease and with speed using our newly added Drawings viewer
Side-by-side View See multiple aspects of the record at the same time without scrolling
One Record per Window Each record can be opened in a new Window/Tab
Term Highlighting Multi color highlighting with advanced capabilities such as partial word portion highlighting and setting multiple words (synonyms) to the same color
Key Concepts Cloud Key Concepts extracted from the full text of the record can be seen in the a Concept Cloud box when viewing the Detailed view of a record. They help give a quick idea of important concepts covered in the text.
Save View Settings Save all view preferences with single click

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