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It all begins with data coverage depth and quality. We understand that. We also understand that you need powerful search options and equally powerful analysis tools. With many Search firms, KPOs, and law firms as customers, PatSeer has been developed with tried and tested practices of users like you and where continued product innovation ensures the platform meets your needs today and in the future.

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Ever wonder if databases have stopped listening to searchers and are only focused on analytics?

With more than 500 professional searchers active daily on the platform, we keep PatSeer Premier razor-focused on meeting every search or result review workflow need that comes up.

PatSeer analytical capabilities

The flexibility your analyst needs

Slice and dice your patent data to gain meaningful insights in less time. PatSeer has diverse charting and analytical capabilities with a powerful set of filters to give an overview of the patent dataset. Breeze through large datasets covering IP, Science, Legal and Corporate with PatSeer’s range of pre-defined charts and filters that do not give up on large result counts

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Cleaner exports that are easy to work with