Solutions for Service Providers

A work environment and delivery platform that aligns perfectly with your specific processes, requirements, internal team structure and customers’ needs.

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Whether it’s having a single “go to” technology platform for your teams to manage patent projects, collaboration between departments or integrating service providers within your system, we’ve studied and worked with a large number of IP driven companies incorporating their feedback into developing a complete solution.

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Capabilities that go beyond being the best patent search platform

  • Create a centralized work environment for your team to manage and work on patent data projects, carry out analysis and deliver insights. Managers can monitor progress and conduct quality checks on projects being done by the team member
  • Provide a web based dashboard to your customers giving them a richer engaging experience than Excel, while helping you manage the quality of your deliverables
  • A wide range of permission settings give you complete control of what to make visible or editable to your customer and also allow you to engage other stakeholders of the project such as external counsel or senior management
  • Reduced risk of failure – As compared to developing and maintaining in-house platforms, with PatSeer, you are using a platform that’s been developed with tried and tested practices and where continued product innovation ensures the platform meets markets needs today and in the future

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A Patent Research Platform for the whole team!

With cost effective pricing for large teams and flexible sharing options where your clients don’t need to have a subscription of their own, you know you have made the right choice.

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Arm your patent research team with the tools they need

  • Manage multiple customer projects on a single software platform while still keeping projects, access & data completely exclusive
  • Create and assign collaborators / team members to projects while setting permissions on what they can access, work on and modify according to your team structure & policies
  • Customize projects by adding additional data points to a project using custom fields based on what the customer or end users need to see
  • Share access to the project by creating a shared user account for the customer
  • Control what the shared user / customer can view, edit or access with permission settings. You decide how they view or use the work you deliver

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