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Projects in PatSeer are not just folders where you would put some patents and analyze or export them. PatSeer Projects is where you invite collaborators (external search firm, counsels), setup Patent Dashlets® (business dashboards) for R&D/management , create workflows for ongoing tasks and get work done!

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Rating/Flag Assign a rating to a record or simply flag it to highlight its importance. Both aspects can be used to signify different characteristics of a record
Comments Multi-user conversation style commenting possible over each record with option for private and open comments to facilitate collaboration between different users who have access to a project
Custom Fields Assignee names have been cleaned up manually using in-house tools for more precise search and analytics
Categorization You can also define your own clusters and subclusters (up to 5 levels) and recreate your organisational taxonomies within each project ✓(but can’t create any)
Patent Dashlets® Create multiple dashboards that include just the fields you want to display for all or a portion of records in the report. These highly configurable and interactive dashlets work seamlessly with Permission Groups so that you can only share a dashlet with a client or coworker instead of the complete project
Analyze Use additional fields that you create as filters or in charts against other patent biblio fields or with each other
Saved Charts Save charts with a comment describing it. Saved charts can be selectively shared with other users
Attachments Save any number of attachments (Word/Excel/PDF/Images/PPT). Attachments can be saved at project level and also at per-record level.
Compare & Search Across Projects Makes it very easy to find answers to questions like which records are common across a set of projects or what extra records are present in this project etc

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