Re-imagine, Analyze and seek, better opportunities!

PatSeer 360 offers an easy to understand self-revealing Patent licensing solution, which assist in unveiling the hidden value of Patents by creating portfolios and correlating various data points in Licensing Process. It delivers quicker to load results, strong analytics, and latest legal updates with one-of-its kind real time analytics dashboard.

Customizable Visual Dashboard
IP Transactions
Financial Information
Custom data Points

PatSeer 360 capabilities at-a-glance…

  • Identify your portfolio

  • Breakdown your portfolio

  • Identify potential / emerging technologies

  • Identify and target probable licensing out opportunities / companies

  • Add interactive filters to your dashboard

  • Convey your unique technology solution

  • Define / apply your criteria to decide the ranking of your patent from highest to lowest

  • Decide the significant / less significant patents to license or abandon

  • After gauging the potential companies, create the set as per most relevant company to pitch

  • Explore the spectrum of small and large, obvious and rare companies to pitch your portfolios

  • Realized the substantial value of your patent portfolio by identifying the third parties infringing your patents

  • Out-licensing Research beyond citations

  • Identify the favorable industries and companies which have a good stick licensing programs

  • Identify companies which have bought similar inventions in the past

  • Identify potential infringers who have in past sued and lost or licensed their portfolios

  • Mine portfolios with the help of portfolio analysis

  • Develop a licensing or other business strategy; and then implement a strategy to realize revenue or other commercial benefit, by carrot mining (portfolio analysis to identify technology transfer opportunities) and/or stick mining (portfolio analysis to identify infringers)

  • Analyze networks of relationships between Companies, inventors and technologies using VizMAP

  • With vast NPE’s data at your finger tip identify Non- practicing entities to Track the troll

  • Co-Citation and Self/Non-self Citation Analysis