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We are delighted to bring you the second edition of PatSeer IPR Meeting on 9.4.2019 at 13:30 pm – 16:00 pm in Hotel Lilla Roberts Helsinki!


During the interactive meet, learn why our customers are so enthusiastic about PatSeer’s content and it’s advanced continuously developing tools. Join us to see why PatSeer is an unparalleled solution when it comes to sharing patent and non-patent literature across R&D, legal and other teams and how you or your team can significantly benefit from it in your everyday work environment.

We would like you to be the first to know about all our latest updates made to the platform. So you will discover new features and exciting tools such as ReleSense ™ – Semantic Search, Missed Result Suggester, Similarity Search and more.

The event is free and intended for patent professionals, research and development people and others who need patent information / technology information in their daily work.

PatSeer is introduced by Päivi Pennanen (Partner, CRM) from Merilkon. Merilkon Oy represents the IPR services of Gridlogics PatSeer (founded in 2004) in the Nordic countries.

For registration send email at: paivi.pennanen@merilkon.fi

More information about PatSeer in Finnish visit https://merilkon.fi/palvelut/ipr-haku-ja-analyysipalvelut/


13.30 Welcome!
13.35 – 14.30 How PatSeer makes your everyday work easier and more efficient and what’s new on PatSeer?

  • High-quality and versatile information content and tools that meet the needs of each user and customer
  • Continuous development of content and technologies – hear about the new exiting tools!

Ms. Paivi Pennanen, Partner, CRM PatSeer / Merilkon Oy

14.30- 14.45 Coffee and Tea
14.45- 15.50 See PatSeer working in practice!
15.50- 16.00 Questions and Answers

Photos from the past eventGridlogics at Helsinki

Join us in this IPR Meeting  to learn how information professionals are getting more productive with the latest updates in PatSeer.

Patseer Pro Advanced Patent Analysis



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