Collaboration and Sharing

PatSeer Project Sharing and collaboration brings a much needed radical change to the way you collaborate and get your patent projects done. Talk to us to understand how PatSeer’s sharing capabilities can help you implement you easily involve stakeholders, implement project workflows and reduce your collaboration and project management costs.

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Sharing and Collaboration in PatSeer

Collaboration & Sharing

Project Sharing Share the platform and empower the recipient with flexibility to filter and play with the data as per his/her own needs and requirements. You can share with anyone with an email id and service providers can also share with anonymous users
Permission Groups The most extensive and flexible permission settings, that allow you to decide exactly the level of access and control you wish to provide to the person you share a project with
Sharing Patent Dashlets® Share Dashlets selectively, so that users can only see a portion of the records in the project with just the fields that you include in the dashlet
Creating a Saved Chart Dashboard Saved charts can be configured like a dashboard for senior management users who are interested only in the big picture

PatSeer Collaboration Examples Scenarios:

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