Analyzing and Exporting Results

Powerful charting capabilities integrated with an equally powerful set of filters help you get answers to complex IP questions with ease. At Gridlogics we have spent the last 8 years working with power analysts in the industry and PatSeer’s charting and analytics capabilities is a result of all the feedback we have gathered till date and as a result it has been appreciated by many of our users for its intuitiveness and flexible charting capabilities.

We are sure you will like them too!

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Chart Layering in PatSeer

Analyzing Results

Family Tree Visualise the relationships between all the publications that result from the original application. Family Tree is also configurable by the user and modified trees can be saved too.
Forward / Backward Co-citations Instantly search for records that are similar to a particular records using co-citation analysis. View forward or backward co-cites of a records ranked by number of shared citations.
Normalized Assignees Assignee names have been cleaned up manually using in-house tools for more precise search and analytics
Results Filtering Powerful filters help you narrow down results with ease. User can combine filters across fields to answer complex questions like “Which are the key IPC Classes for inventions coming from Japanese division of a multinational conglomerate company between 2000-2005
Quick Stats Great looking configurable charting that works over million records with sub second response times
Chart Layers Generate multi and cross dimensional charts/tables using our unique first-in-industry chart layering technology
Chart Drill-through You can drill-down all charts by simply clicking on a chart item and immediately view the records behind the data
Charting Custom Data Points All Custom fields, flags and ratings can be plotted in the charts along with standard patent fields to help you make your charts more business relevant
Citation Tree View forward and backward citations of records displayed year wise in a tree with a single click
Topics Topics Chart to visualize hierarchical topics data, depicted by concentric circles

Exporting Results

Word / Excel / PDF Includes full text of US, EP, WO, DE, GB, FR, JP, CN, KR, ES, CA, CH, AT, AU, IN, BR, TH, RU, Export records in ready to use Word, Excel or PDF reports. Charts for key stats can also be included in Word, Excel and PDF reports.
CSV / XML CSV/XML export for importing data in other analysis tools.
Patent iNSIGHT Pro Export Replicate your results sets into Patent iNSIGHT Pro with easy and minimum time. All additional meta data such as custom fields, rating, categorizations etc is also exported and recreated in Patent iNSIGHT Pro.

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