PatSeer is currently in use by users from North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia/NZ. Our customers include Healthcare, Agri-bio-chemicals, Semiconductor, Electronics, Research Institutions, Law Firms and Legal Service Providers.

Customer Testimonials

PatSeer is the most interesting arrivals on the patent analytics technology landscape

Patent research has been central to Shibumi Consulting’s innovation and engineering consulting activities for many years. In 2011 we trialled Gridlogics collaborative search and analytics platform PatSeer. We found the robustness, speed and productivity more than a match for the leading subscription systems used in the industry and liked the integration with Patent iNSIGHT Pro for ‘deep dive’ analytics where warranted. Over the next 18 months we gradually moved our entire search workload from other platforms to PatSeer. As we’ve become more familiar with the system we’ve found added value e.g. the ability to involve geographically-distant subject-matter-expert searchers in our projects using a common platform without compromising quality or client confidentiality.
We find Gridlogics support excellent – platform issues are resolved quickly while our new feature requests were either roadmapped into their product – and actually delivered, or workarounds offered. This is in contrast to our experiences of some of their competitors who had limited knowledge of search and landscaping beyond the basics and were unable to help ‘power users’. PatSeer and Patent iNSIGHT Pro are the most interesting arrivals on the patent analytics technology ‘landscape’ my business has seen in many years.
– Tony Owens, Managing Director Shibumi Consulting Ltd, Ireland

A vast multinational patent database and a robust and reliable search algorithm.

A well designed platform with an intuitive control panel that allows filtering, comparing, clustering, charting, save, share and export data. And a great technical team that helps when you get stocked.Patseer and Pat Insight has become in the best Patent search and analysis tools in the market!

– Norma Garcia, IP manager Instituto Potosino de Investigación científica y tecnológica, SLP, Mexico

– Daniel Barron, Tech surveillance & prospective studies Instituto Potosino de Investigación científica y tecnológica, SLP, Mexico

Gridlogics: A perfect combination between a supportive staff and highly advanced tool

Patent Insight Pro and PatSeer provide us with high value in terms of quality, robustness and efficiency for developing complex analysis. The result: a significant increase in our technical intelligence tasks.

-Dra. Marisela Rodríguez S., PHD Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Monterrey, Mexico

Best customer service experiences

This is one of the best customer service experiences I have ever come across. I am simply amazed by the promptness and the technical expertise demonstrated your team to meet our needs and requirements.”

– Dy Manager (Corporate Strategy) Moser Baer India Ltd,Delhi


PatSeer in use

Guest Post: Is AI disrupting the Indian Healthcare Industry?

In this guest blog post, Prayank Khandelwal, Founding Partner, Photon Legal uses PatSeer to analyze the patent landscape of AI and Healthcare in India. Learn more about the various healthcare Technology Applications of AI, current government approaches, many innovative start-ups in this space and more.

Infographics on Patent Trends, Evaluation, Diagnosis and Medical Treatment in Elite Athletes

Our Partner from Espírito Santo, Brazil Prospective Inovação Tecnológica e Ambiental, created an Infographics on  research related to “Technological Prospective Study about Evaluation, Diagnosis, and Medical Treatment in Elite Athletes” for Sportomics.

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