PatSeer Side-by-Side

Side-by-Side View

This feature is helpful as you can analyse the record in details by going through different patent fields simultaneously. So as shown in the images below you can easily go through claims and full view of a particular record at the same time.You can also go through two different records simultaneously and add those records to a project based on your analysis.

The Side-by-Side view divides detailed view window in 2 sections, here you can view all the tabs present in detailed view on left as well as right side of the window. This view makes analysis of records easier, as you can view 2 different patents fields at the same time. Here, you can also analyse or compare two different records at the same time.

For example: 1.If you have opened JP2020515622A in detailed view then clicking on side-by-side view you can see the same record on both sides. So now you can open the Claims tab on the left and Full View or any other tab of your choice on the right side to analyse this particular record.

2. This view also helps you to analyse or compare 2 different records at the same time. So, here you can open the above record (JP2020515622A) on left and next record (CN110812320A) on the right. This will help you to study both the records simultaneously. As you can see here you can go through the claims of both of these records and decide if they are relevant to your analysis.

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