Compare Claims
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Claims Analyzer

In the detail view of a particular record you will be able to compare or analyze claims with the help of claims analyzer.

This will help in analyze how the claims of a patent portfolio have evolved over time and reduce chances of any omission when comparing full claims, independent claims or just a single claim. You will be able to compare differences between claims of a patent and its application, family member or any other record.

On clicking the Compare Claims button the analyzer window will open which will load the record with it corresponding application if present. You can compare the full, independent claims or find out the closest claim relevant.

As in the image below once you click on Compare claims of the record will be compared with its corresponding application. This will show the transition of claims form the application phase to the grant phase. The text marked in green represents the part of the claim which was added to the granted record in addition to the claims present in its application. And the text in red represents the omissions from the claims part.

Also compare the claims of particular record with the claims of it simple family members, cited or citing documents or compare them with any number.

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