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PatSeer’s Multi-color Highlighting

Highlighting keywords, terms and concepts within patent document

On PatSeer’s ‘Search Results’ page, one of the most popular and frequently used features is the ‘Highlight’ feature as it enables the user to differentiate between the important keywords that have appeared in the results/result set through highlighting.

On the Results page, the keywords entered in the search query or search string are highlighted in a single color. A user can edit this by using the ‘Highlight’ feature under the ‘Search Results’ tab. The Highlight feature helps a user to highlight relevant keywords with different colors and add keywords to the list as per the requirement. This enables the user to screen and analyze the records based on keywords relevant to the search.

PatSeer’s Multi-color Highlighting

A user can also Lock highlighted terms (keywords) so that this highlighted list of keywords or terms is not affected by any new search done by the user. This allows the user to maintain a fixed set of keywords to be highlighted irrespective of the new search. The Unlock option disables this restriction and now this list will be replaced by a list of keywords of any new search. The Highlight feature is always in the unlocked state which is its default state. The user can also update the locked terms after adding new keywords as and when necessary.

Also, the user can save a set of keywords or terms with their respective colors or with a single color under a profile name, known as Highlighting Profiles. Highlighting profiles can be created or deleted by using ‘Add’ or ‘Remove’ options, respectively. The Highlight Profiles are also kept in the ‘Unlock Highlight Terms’ state as their default state. The profile terms loaded can also be locked as required to avoid their replacement by a new search query using the ‘Lock Highlight Terms’ option.

The ‘Export’ option provides a user, the facility to download the list of highlighted keywords into a text file. Similarly, the ‘Import’ option allows the user to import a new list of keywords to be highlighted. These enable the user to maintain a record of the user-defined highlighted keywords for a search result and the highlighted keywords generated from a search string or search query.

Highlight – Feature Options:

  1. Search String Keyword Highlighting
  2. User-defined Keyword Highlighting
  3. Lock/Unlock Highlight Terms (Keywords)
  4. Add/Remove Highlight Profile
  5. Export Keywords
  6. Import Keywords

Highlight enables the user to distinguish between the more important and less important records. Also, the bifurcation / classification of search results or patents becomes easy for the user according to the relevance of the keywords specified in the search query and/or the user-defined keywords.

PatSeer’s ‘Highlight’ feature allows the user to highlight all the keywords – search string keywords and user-defined keywords, in a single color or different colors as defined by the user.

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