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Is IP still Business Relevant?

6th November 2020, Friday 5 PM – 6.30 PM IST

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Panel Moderators

Rohan Turior

Head IP, Fleetguard Filters


Mohammed Faisal

Group Manager, Technology Solution & Innovation Centre and
Head of IPR department at L&T Technology Services Ltd

Ajendu Sohani

Head IPR- Encube Ethicals Pvt.Ltd.

Tushar Surti

Sales Head (Asia and Oceania), Gridlogics

Pooja Phaterpekar Rao

IP specialist, Pravaig Dynamics


A question that we probably need to answer more than ever before. With the changing market dynamics and business priorities this question has suddenly gained a lot of relevance.

In this webinar cum panel discussion on “Is IP Still Business Relevant” focus on various internal and external factors that contribute towards the answer of this simple yet important question.


  • Are the IP strategies created in the past are still relevant?
  • Changes in Market dynamics and its impact on IP
  • Alternative ways of safeguarding / bypassing IP
  • Internal and external factors making it relevant / irrelevant

Panel Moderator

Rohan Turior, Head IP, Fleetguard Filters
Tushar Surti, Sales Head (Asia and Oceania), Gridlogics


Ajendu Sohani, Head IPR- Encube Ethicals Pvt.Ltd
Mohammed Faisal, IPR- Delivery manager at L&T Infotech
Pooja Phaterpekar Rao, IP Specialist, Pravaig Dynamics

Webinar Details!

Date and Time: 6th November 2020, Friday 5PM – 6.30 PM IST

Location: Goto Meeting Platform

Target audience: R&D, technology professional IP, Information Professionals, Patent Analyst, IP Manager, Technology/Innovation Managers, Competitive Intelligence Professionals, Organizations who need Collaboration across IP.

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About Rohan Turior

Mr. Rohan is Seasoned Intellectual Property Management Leader and a well-versed Technocrat with more than 12 years of rich and insightful experience in Innovation, IP protection, problem solving, Patent Circumvention and technology management.
Theory of Constraints (Fundamentals) Qualified and TRIZ Level 3 Expert having expertise in IP Strategy Framework Creation and Execution. His Expertise Domains: Electrical, Automobile, Mechanical, Electronics, Telecommunications, E Commerce (Online trading), Semi-Conductor, Software, Computer Networks, Bio-medical Devices, Business Methods.