Infographics on Diagnostic Kits for Covid19 – Patent Trends and Analysis 

Covid Diagnosis Kit

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Diagnostic Kits for Covid19 – Patent Trends and Analysis 

Diagnostic Kits for Covid-19 Patent Trends and Analysis: This infographic gives you a snapshot of Top Players, Technical Segments, Top Universities and Institute for all #patents filed and granted for Covid-19 Diagnostic Kits during the last fiscal year, based on data from PatSeer. This Infographics also showcases the recent development that includes Emergency Diagnostic Kits, Symptoms Tracking App, and Rapid Test Kits to diagnosis coronavirus in less than an hour.

Top Players

  • Glaxosmithkline Plc 141
  • Bayer Ag 74
  • Republic Of Korea Management Rural Development 74
  • Pasteur Institute 70
  • Novartis International Ag 66
  • Pfizer Inc 59
  • Centre Nat Rech Scient 58
  • Bristol Myers Squibb Co 54
  • Univ California 54
  • Roche Holding Ag 51

Top Universities and Institutes

  • RDA Korea  74
  • Pasteur  70
  • CNRS  58
  • University California  54
  • HVRI Caas  39
  • Inserm  38
  • University Zhejiang  38
  • KRIBB  27
  • LVRI, CAAS  27
  • University Texas  27

Technical Segment

Influenza Virus

Monoclonal Antibody

Acid Sequence Encoding

Sequence Shown

Downstream Primer

Light Chain

Popular Technologies

Polymerise Chain Reaction (PCR)


Inventions Originating from

US  2937

CN  1791

KR  599

EP  482

DE  324

GB  319

RU  285

JP   277

FR  205

AU  141

SU  102

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